t3 Spring Curling Iron

  1. Anyone have one?

    I have the t3 hairdryer and love, love, love it:love: !!! Wondering if the curling iron will work the same magic?

    I ordered the 1.25.... Trying to get those nice soft curls :p . Can't wait for it to come!
  2. I have the t3 flat iron and i love it as welll. im thinking about getting the blow dryer as well once my chi one goes out, but the chi one is grreeat too! I would imagine that the curling iron would work just as good? Is it wet and dry?
  3. nope, not wet/dry, although that's a good idea! I got the iron today and it is awesome! It heats up really fast. The 1.25 is great 4 hair a bit past shoulders.