T3 Hair Dryer 75% Off

  1. Careful, though... read the reviews.
  2. Thanks, lucabela. I was so excited to see a T3 Hair Dryer at 75% off. Luckily, I saw your post and checked the reviews. Who would've thought that Amazon wasn't an authorized dealer? Makes me wonder about buying through Amazon in the future!
  3. If you check the T3 Tourmaline website, they tell you that it's an unauthorized seller and T3 products purchased from them will not be covered under warranty.

    I wouldn't be too worried about buying from Amazon. Most of the time it's other vendors using Amazon as an outlet to reach people- like Target, Virgin Megastore, etc. I usually stick to books because the prices are so good.
  4. Sorry I didn't read the reviews before posting.
  5. I still went ahead and purchased a hair dryer and iron... my friend bought from amazon before... haven't heard her complain...
    i read reviews for the iron... there is no bad review... and if you read the review carefully for the hair dryer, some of them didn't even purchase from amazon...
  6. WOW...I'm gonna have to use caution at Amazon now.
  7. Shoot, they're sold out now! I would totally have bought one - honestly, if it's 75% off, the warranty isn't a big deal since in theory you could buy 4 dryers for the price of one, and it's unlikely that all of them would die out.
  8. The problem with Amazon is a lot of their stuff isn't sold directly by Amazon. I was looking for a Michele watch on there, but they were all sold by Jomashop or Watchclick or Watchmaxx. The few times I've bought items sold by Amazon they were fine.
  9. I checked for the T3 items... the 75% off price is offered by amazon... DH said as long as its from amazon, its ok... so I bought both of them...