T.V. or a Diamond? Which would you want?

  1. I just read this article and wanted to see whether you ladies agreed with the finding of this market research study.

    Would you rather have a diamond or a plasma t.v.? :blink:

    Study: Women like tech toys more than shoes - Yahoo! News
  2. hrm. right this second, i'd rather have a tv (especially considering the size and quality solitare you can get compared to the price of a good sized plasma tv)

    once we get a plasma tv i'll never have to go to the movies again! no more people talking, or kicking my seat, or a crying child up too late in a movie they shouldn't be seeing anyway. *le sigh* heaven.

    i still want diamond studs though. :yes: one of these days...

    i'd also take the shoes over the cellphone and a dress over an upgraded nano.
  3. The necklace, the shoes, and the dress! LOL This doesn't apply to me.
  4. I would rather have the diamond. I don't watch that much TV anyway.
  5. I'm around diamonds all day so I'd say TV. :lol:
  6. I like both, but I'd only ever buy a new TV once a decade and a new cellphone every 4 or 5 years, so, thankfully, it's not really an either/or situation!

    I think with either, it's better to buy quality items, less often, than tat, more often.
  7. I would have to say i would want the TV over the diamond. I love gadgets :smile:.... I am the one in the fam that gets asked , how to work this, set up, etc.....
  8. Just bought a 41" (not too big but not too small) plasma TV :heart: AND a wireless surround system over the weekend. I'm gonna have to go with the plasma. Sooo glad I spent a few extra hundred and got the surround sound :love: . I, for one, will never have to go to the movie theatre again nor will I miss it.:yahoo:
  9. I heard plasma TVs are out. I'll take the diamond thanks!
  10. I love diamonds but I would use the tv more, the hills, project runway, gilmore girls.
  11. Right now, I would take the TV!!!! I really want a large plasma TV. That would be fabulous!
  12. OOh-I am a big gadget girl-I think I would say the TV
  13. Definitely the tv!!
  14. I prefer watching TV more than diamonds, but I will choose diamond over TV because diamond can appreciate in value whereas TV will depreciate.
  15. i would take the tv cause i don't like diamonds... yes girls, i don't like diamonds, i only like bags :P