T-T-C ---> Pregnant!!

  1. Post here if you were TTC with us and got pregnant... list how long you tried and when you got pregnant and any helpful advice with other TTCers...
  2. I am signing in.

    We tried since March 07. We got + HPT on 10/29/07.

    It wasn't easy. The first few months, it was ok to get my AF. After 5 months, it hitted me hard when AF showed up. Thanks for all the support from the ladies in this forum.

    We tried acupuncture. I got the book Take charge of your fertility. We used Pre-seed for 2 months too.

    I am still very nervous since I got the +. I have been spotting lately, it makes me even nervous.

    Good Luck Ladies. I am here for you.

    Babydust to everyone!

    VT Pooh
  3. We starting trying in August, found out we were pg end of October, and now I just found out that I am nine weeks pg, not 6, so got pg before I thought we did!!!
  4. Joined forum from the beginning and was declared pregnant in September.
    We were off birth control for 3 cycles.
  5. TTC March/April 08. Preseed in July and HPT +++August 3

    Currently 19 weeks

    Morning Sickness all day and all night until 4 months=(

    Due April 13=)
  6. :smile:
  7. :tup::yahoo:^^Congrats!!! That didn't take long
  8. Congrats:balloon::balloon:!!! Since you can't drink, I'll drink for you!:drinkup:
  9. I´ve been ttc for over a year, got prescribed Clomid got a positive on the first Clomid cycle!
  10. Nola,

    Congrats. I am so happy for you!!!!
  11. Congrats Nola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  12. Hooray Nola! That's wonderful news!
  13. Yay Nola, just saw the baby ticker over at the H forum!!
  14. Thank you so much everyone!! I´m over the moon.
  15. I just got a BFP a few minutes ago, so now I can join the club! I was very lucky and got pregnant our second cycle not using birth control, so we didn't try anything except lot of sex. :nuts: