T-mobile phones

  1. For those of you who have T-mobile as a carrier, what phone do you have? I'm going to the T-mobile store tomorrow or Saturday. I'm not sure what I want. :confused1:
  2. Mr Puff and I both sport the prestigious Nokia 6103.

    There was a special thing going, and we got them for $25 each when we switched to T-mobile due to (long story mercifully omitted) um, displeasure with our previous provider.

    Mine has two (unleather) outfits, one sky blue, and one pink, while Mr. Puff's only has one, in basic black (leather).

    They are very little and cute, and we like being able to have pictures of each other as our wallpaper!
  3. I have the Motorola Pebl in orange. It came out after the razr and it has a few more features, but functions the same. It is very small and comes in a few different colors.
  4. Wow, good choices. I love the colors the Pebl comes in. Any downside to either? I want a sturdy phone. I thought of a rzr, but heard they break easy.
  5. i have samsung t809. i love how it's thin and slides.

    i want to see the Dash in person, but it really looks weird from the picture.
  6. ^^^Your phone sounds nice.
  7. I have the T-Mobile Razr in hot pink, with the matching hot pink bluetooth accessory. It's so cute!
  8. i have the sidekick, my dad has the blackberry, my mom has the razr. All are good phones in my opinion. good luck, tell us what phone you get!
  9. I don't recommend the Razor its a piece of crap...I have it but from Verizon.

    Samsungs are good phones.

    I have the SKII from T-Mobile but not the phone service I just use it for email and all that fun stuff.
  10. I have the sidekick 3! I love it!
  11. I have the samsung phone that is "the slimmest phone" on the market. I :heart: it. It is so light weight, fits in the back of my pocket and doesn't fall out. I have been a flip phone kind of girl, and this definitely changed my attitude about non flips! I seriously LOVE this phone.
  12. I have a Juicy Sidekick II...my fiancee has the MDA.

    I really like TMobile:smile:
  13. Go for the Sidekick III, it is by far one of the best PDA phone's out there.:flowers:
  14. I really like that. :love: Do you know if you drop it, if it stays ok? I want a good sturdy phone. To all of those with SK3s, do you like how the phone works? I heard the SK2 could get a bit dodgy on the phone part but good on aims, texts, emails, ect. :flowers: