T. LeClerc powder

  1. I've been reading some reviews on Makeupalley on T. LeClerc loose and pressed powder. The loose powder has better reviews than the pressed. I have rosacea, so I was thinking the Banane color may help cover that up some. My skin is also very oily. What's everyone's thoughts on the loose vs. the pressed? Do they give pretty good coverage? Do they help to keep the oilies away? I don't always want to put on full makeup, but I'd like to find something that at least gives me some coverage and helps keep the shine down. I've been buying waaaay too many beauty products lately, most of which don't always do what they're purported to do, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has had any luck with the T. LeClerc powders.
  2. I don't know if loose is better than pressed, but the pressed is easier to apply, IMO. I used to use T. LeClerc loose powder and loved the product, but spilled a lot of the loose stuff. If I still took the trouble to wear more than lipstick and mascara, I would use T. LeClerc. Oh, that reminds me, I do have some of their lipsticks and I like them a lot!
  3. Definitely pass up the pressed powder. I have it in banane (I bought it to minimize redness) and honestly I think it's the worst powder I have ever tried. It is very grainy and too translucent to do anything, color-wise.
  4. Hmmm...I'll definitely skip the pressed, then.

    Anyone tried the loose in Banane?
  5. the thing with T leClerc is that you really have to know how to use them.....if you notice the powders come in colors ranging form green, blue, and purple, to yellow, beige and translucent......Obviously the corrector colors are NOT meant to be used all alone, and the yellow (Banane) falls into that category....You should still be using something else...If you want to reduce redness the yellow will help the same whether it's pressed or loose, it's really just what you prefer, BUT you should still be using a "foundation" shade of powder along with it....Often I put concealer on, dust my Banane, then dust a foundation shade over that, the Banane helps correct the red.....As for the consistency, this is a true french talc powder, it may seem a little grainy to some because it doesn't have a lot of crap in it! As a makeup artist this is one of my favorite powders, but like I said, you just need to be taught how to use it right, the best thing to do is try to go to a counter when one of their resident or national artists are there and they will be able to help you achieve what you want.....If you are just looking for a touch up powder, then one of the beige type shades or the tranlucide would probably work depending on your skintone....
  6. Thanks for all the info, Lola. I'm pretty happy with my Chanel Double Perfection powder, but I guess I was looking for something a little lighter that I could just throw on in the mornings and not have to put full makeup on. I need quite a bit of coverage, but I guess I'm just looking for the easy way out:upsidedown: .
  7. Your double perfection is probably a better choice for coverage, that is a foundations, the T Leclerc powders are just powders.....they do make foundations too though.... Some other powder foundations that I've liked better than double perfection are Mac Studio Fix, Laura Mercier foundation powder, and Lancome Dual Finish.....Comming from a makeup artist who has tried every powder foundation out there, these three tend to work on everyone the best!