T&Co Butterfly key & Garden earrings...

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    Hello everyone!!!

    I thought of sharing a few pieces that my DH recently gave me for my bday from Tiffany's, I had someone ask for a pic of the butterfly key so I went ahead and added the other things I got in the pic. Thanks for letting me share!!!

    T&Co platinum & diamond key with small 18k rose gold butterfly & pink diamonds

    T&Co platinum Garden rose cut & brilliant diamond earrings

    T&Co Rubedo Lexicon Bag & Box charm

    T&Co Pumpkin silver charm & Witch hat silver charm (these are pretty limited, we saw them in Vegas & snatched them up)

    Lastly, the October Limoges box & Snap loop key chain were given to me from my lovely SA (she knows my obsession with all things Halloween!) , she really is the best!!!

    My terrible quality pics don't do these pieces justice, apologies :shucks:

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  2. I'm dying 9 lives of jealousy!!!!!!! Ahhhh! Love everything! Love love love the garden earrings they are my dream earrings from Tiffany! Please post a modeling pic of all your goodies! And most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  3. Thanks sweetie, you & I have similar taste in jewelry!!! These earrings are extremely gorgeous in person & very unique. I was looking at some VCA diamond earrings but they weren't as appealing to me and the prices just didn't make sense to me so I told DH, go to Tiff's lol! I hope you get them one day soon!!!
  4. Happy Bday Sprinkles!! I'm just swooning over all of it... Each piece is beautiful, the earrings are my favorite... I love the Halloween charms, but whenever my dh gives me something witch related, he gets the side eye from me hehe! And the pumpkin box is totally precious.
  5. happy bday!! beautiful gifts...you are so lucky!!!

    Can you please post some mod pics of the earrings?? Thanks!!
  6. gorgeous! wow! is the key on a DBTY chain? is it also Tiffany's? You have the best collection of tiffany gold charms I have seen! :nuts:

    Those are some amazing birthday presents!! Happy birthday!

    I love the earrings and the key the most! Would love to see a modeling pic :biggrin:
  8. The key and the earrings are so gorgeous! I love rose cut and pink!
  9. LOVE your collection!!!! My favorite piece is the key. It is sooo pretty!
  10. Holy smoke! Your bracelet is beautiful (I love charm bracelets) and your key and earrings are simply gorgeous...and the pumpkin box? Wow!!! You are so lucky!
  11. sprinkles you are a tiffany queen! your collection is amazing :biggrin:
    happy belated birthday!!
  12. Omg so pretty! Love it all
  13. I'm soooooooooioo jealous!! Enjoy your beautiful jewelry and Happy Birthday:Partyhat:
  14. WHOA-I imagine Heaven to look like this!!! Lol I know your favorite part of getting dressed is deciding which jewels to wear! I TRULY LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!
  15. :balloon: Happy birthday!!

    The pieces are absolutely TDF!! I am loving the uniqueness of the key and the earrings are just lovely - doesn't your DH know you so well? :biggrin::lol: