T & Co Atlas Choker. my first tiffany piece!

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  1. i love chokers and i love silver. i need something i can wear all the time and goes with whatever. i really liked this necklace and purchased it tonight. i hope it's a little smaller than it looks. what do we think? i'll post pix of it on when it arrives.

  2. That is very cute. I almost bought a choker in return to tiffany style but I decided not to since everyone has it. Their choker is great and it does go with everything wheter you dress up or down.
  3. I have a return to tiffany choker and dont wear it anymore because too many people do...

    This atlas one is very simple, but different! Good choice!
  4. Oooooh, that is so pretty! It looks like it would go with a lot of things, if not everything!
  5. I love this ! I never realized there was an atlas choker, I may go with this over the return to tiffany's one since it's definitely less common.
  6. Congrats...You will love it.
    I have the padlock style one and love it so much
  7. i love this necklace! i've been eyeing it for a while, but know i won't wear it as much as my oval tag one so i haven't asked for it (somehow the oval tag phenomenon missed my neck of the woods). tiffany chokers are so comfy to wear. it'll take a teensy bit to get used to wearing such a heavy necklace (about a hour or so) but after that you forget you even have it on!

    i do reccomend warming it up in your hand before you put it on though. it's quite cold. :yes: enjoy your new purchase!
  8. I love this piece from the sterling collection at Tiffanys. I own a few pieces and im sure u will love it just as much as i love mine!
  9. Hi Kodi! Welcome! I can't wait to see pics of you and your atlas choker. I guess I'll have to wait til when I get back from Greece since I'm leaving in an hour or so..
  10. Great choker, I love it. Post pics when you get it.
  11. congrats on your first Tiffany's piece!
  12. very nice, i like that one too. i have the padlock also. i just purchased a silver chain by itself and a silver pen. that's my first tiffany pen. it's really really nice. i'll post pics tomorrow!
  13. ^^ fayden I was going to reward myself with a Tiffany pen if I can write and not touch a first chapter in the book im writing for at least two more chapters.. i have 87 full fledge chapters that I discarded.. so thats my little bribe. I was thinking of getting the padlock, but then didn't.. but you guys are so bad, making me rethink that and get the atlas one! I just bought the starfish myself, first day wearing it, and love it to death already.
  14. It's so cute, and very in fashion right now! Congrats!
  15. Congrats! :smile: It is beautiful!I LOVE the Atlas collection. I think I might get the Atlas pendant next!