T&C Article on Birkin...more increase in demand


Would this article affect supply adn demand?

  1. No...already high in demand (stay the same)

  2. Yes...will increase

  3. Don't know...let's see

  4. DOn't Care

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  1. ...could mean less chances of landing one? Yikes...for those ladies that have one or more...good for you and kisses to your SAs is in order:yes:!! For those waiting for their first one?...longer wait? :tdown:Hope not!
    T&C Birkin 1.JPG
  2. Articles in magazines don't generally affect demand... and it definitely isn't going to affect how many bags Hermes makes. I think everyone that reads Town & Country is of the socioeconomic status that is well-versed in Hermes; I can't see any reason why this article would make Birkins harder to get... never fear!
  3. I think the entire Hermes press department (whose job it is to pitch and secure press placements such as this) would disagree.


  4. I am sort of in the middle on this one--I don't think that particular article is going to increase demand by itself; for one thing, the regular readership of Town & Country is generally not all that susceptible to "trends" and being told what is on the "hot list" for the season.

    That being said, I DO think that "celebrities" and I do mean to put that in quotes :lol: being photographed with the bags makes a significant impact on the demand--which is a little bit of a shame, to me, because I think if someone buys a Birkin (or Kelly or Constance, etc.) because it's an "It" bag, they have totally and utterly missed the point of the brand.
    At least, that's my personal opinion on that.
  5. ^^ ITA :tup: You said it better than I could have.
  6. I did a thread about the same thing a while ago - mainly about VB making the bags popular, meaning less chance of us getting one, all I can say is, I will be happy when the ladies on this forum get the bags they desire!!x
  7. ^^^^Amen to that!