T&B Wallet

  1. Hi everyone I am so tempted to buy the new trunks and bags wallet. it is avaliable to order right now on vuitton.com. does anyone have this wallet? is it practical? also I am a little concerned about the screen print emblem, will this come off over time? thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. I've been looking at the complice as well. It looks like an ultra-slim wallet that would work great for everyday. I'm not concerned with the screenprint, as many on here have other screenprinted items and have used them without any effect.
  3. I purchased it fron Eluxury and it was cute; however, ended up returning it because after speaking to my SA she told the screen print would wear off with time and she even went further to say that because the print was all one color background it would be more notciable than for example the groome pieces which have more than a single color. It was sure cute though. For a wallet, taking it in and out of the handbag all the time, I knew no matter how careful I would be it would wear off.
  4. I have it..I love it...been using it for weeks without any issues.
  5. Oh wow... I was thinking about getting a T&B cles but now I think I may wanna pass :confused1: