T&B phone charm

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    Hi Ladies,
    I just need your help about this new piece I added to my collection. It's trunks and bags phone charm. Do you know when this came out? Was this available in the US and for how much? I got it from ebay for $113 but have no clue if I got it for a good deal or not. Also, I'd like to know how much I could sell it for in the future. Lee and Addy have authenticated it so I'm confident it's genuine, I just have no information about it. I asked the seller and she said it was a gift and she has no idea. Lee suggested that I start this thread and someone who has it or have seen it could give me more information.
    Thanks so much! :hbeat:

    A reminder that selling/buying/trading is not permitted here.

    Here's a photo.
  2. This is not for selling, buying nor trading. The intent is to get more information about the item.
  3. I cannot give you info but is sooooooooooooo cute ;)