T&B Mini Pochette question

  1. Just a quick question
    I'm wanting a Trunks and Bags mini pochette, but my boyfriend said it was that or the mini lin speedy for christmas, duh I chose mini lin. But I still love the T&B Mini pochette.
    What I want to know, is it going to be discontinued? Or its it here to stay for awhile [at least till april, my birthday]

  2. cute sig pic. i think there will still be some around april. i just got mine. it is realllllly super TINY! I was kinda disappointed. it looks kinda ridiculas. But i have been using it with my bag every day anyways. cant wait to get a neverfull for it to go on.
  3. It should be aound for a little while... Good choice picking the Mini Lin speedy... Which one are you getting?
  4. Ahh, I'm bad with color names, the darker one :]
    I always look at the t&b mini pochette when I'm in myy local LV
    I understand its very small, But I could attach it to my mono speedy 30 or something, I just love the anything T&B
  5. It should still be there. Seeing as LV have launched two new items with the same design on, you would have thought that it's here to stay. But, who can say, I don't think it's L.E. (don't quote me on that though), but they just might be in very low supply by then or something like that. I know my answers a bit vague, sorry...