T. Anthony Weekender Bag or Other Suggestions?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Now that summer is here...I'm thinking about getting a "weekender" bag. You know, something big enough to hold enough clothes, shoes, etc., for a couple of nights. I was thinking about T. Anthony bags because they're pretty classic but cool. But, I also like the Boyy bags. Anybody have an opinion/suggestion. (My luggage is mainly Tumi and Rimowa, but I didn't see anything by either brand that made me :love:).

  2. I've gotten some great weekend bags from Coach over the years in basic black and the black/tan Hamptons canvas. They fit tons of stuff and are really sturdy and indestructable. They also lock, which I like, in case I have to check them at the airport for any reason (like I purchased too much duty-free!). I always make sure my weekend bags have a shoulder strap because, unlike regular luggage, they don't have wheels. After getting used to wheeling luggage around airports for years, carrying a weekend bag like a stachel gets heavy! I cram so much stuff into them, I forget how heavy they can get.

    There are some great leather bags out there (Rafe makes some), that are made of lightweight, yet sturdy leather. Some leather bags look great, but weigh a ton, even when empty.