T.A.T.U. Waste Management Album Cover

  1. weird, huh?

  2. those two girls are weird...fake lesbos seeking attention but it didnt work out
  3. ^^ Lmao
  4. bizarre.
  5. Lena, the redhead, is really cute.
  6. I found their video for their single (Beliy Plaschik) White Robe off the album.

    It's beautifully done.

    Previously only a preview, the full first video from t.A.T.u's third studio album has been premiered on MTV Russia. The song is called 'White Robe' or 'Beliy Plashchik' in Russian and it's taken from the album 'Waste Management', due early 2008.

    Apt to the album's title, the concept of the video is matched to the whole war theme. 'Waste Management' is the term used to describe human condition in concentration camp during World War II. The video also shows both members Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova in the cruel time frame but each living different fate.

    The clip was directed by James Cox who also took the direction of the 'All About Us' video. It was shot at Los Angeles' Hyperion Waste Treatment Plant back in October.

    Tracks from the album are going to be utilized as the soundtracks to their new film 'Finding t.A.T.u', due May 2008. The film that fictionalized version of real events, is staring Mischa Barton who plays Lana Starkova, a Russian girl trying to escape the mundanity of life with her new American friend.


    (Yulia is really pregnant.)
  7. I had no idea they were still around. The fake lesbian comment was funny.... and oh so true!
  8. I can't stand them. Fake lesbians piss me off. Well, at least you can't see their faces.
  9. They're not fake lesbians, they just like to play grab-ass with each other.
  10. ^^^Lol....maybe they are bi? Anyway, there is no denying that the Lena is gooooorgeous!!!! I've always thought so.
  11. ^^ Good point. They could be bi.
  12. Are you sure they don't claim to be lesbians? I could swear I've heard a song that goes "I'm a lesbian. You're a lesbian. We are lesbians" (something like that) and I thought it was them. And whenever I've saw interviews on them back when they started, the big draw was about how they were lesbians!
  13. ^---Nevermind. Just googled it and it's a parody of one their songs. LOL.
  14. To my knowledge, they've never come out (no pun intended) and said they're lesbians.
  15. There is a Saturday Night Live sketch called Deep House Dish and they did a spoof on t.A.T.u. It's Rachel Dratch (and whoever was hosting that week) wearing school uniforms and running in place.

    "We're running, we're going to make out . . . here we go, we're about to make out . . . and we're running."