T.A.T.A. Photo Print Birkin

  1. Yes they have XL size coz my TATA bags are all in Large size...hope that helps:smile:
  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm off to find an XL.....:graucho:
  3. I found an XL! Worked perfectly during this past week's rainstorms as a raincoat for my 35B!


  4. I would dearly love one of these! Lala, can you tell us where you found it? Was it in the US?
  5. Can a birkin 40 fit into the XL size?
  6. sorry to bring up an old thread, but i was recently in asia and saw this bag on many girls and i would love to get one! after searching i found this thread. does anyone have futher updates as to which stores in HK carries the tata baby since the last time this thread was posted in was in 2012?

    i looked on hilary's site, liger, but i don't see tata listed under the brand name section. i plan to call them to find out.

    also, i also read the store "shine" sells them in hk.

    does anyone know if any new stores popped up that sells this in hk?

    so far, according to this thread, tata baby is sold at liger and shine in HK, but since this thread is old, i am not sure if that's still the case. anyone know how much they are? from my search, it sounds like they are about $2xx USD.

    any other brands besides tata baby that makes these? i know there is banana/banane taipei and bevenne? any other brand?

    thanks everyone!
  7. In Hong Kong, I think you may find Tata Baby at Shine, as Shine is still a dealer of the brand. Liger still had some for sale in May. The original price for big size was around HKD3,xxx (special price: HKD900) .

    Since Hermes won the lawsuit against Banana Taipei, Banana Taipei now can only produce Celine Luggage-like handbags, no more Birkin photo print tote bags.

    An alternative choice will be Mousse, a Hong Kong bag brand. The price is more or less than HKD1,000.
  8. thanks so much tammy!!! :p
  9. Welcome. :smile: