T.A.T.A. Photo Print Birkin

  1. They are adorable, but way overpriced for what is essentially a canvas bag! I'm sticking to my environsax/longchamp for a raincoat, don't mean to rain on anyone elses parade though (no pun intended)!!!
  2. No, because my Birkins are 30cm and 25cm. The T.A.T.A baby is 35cm, too big to be a raincoat. I plan to use it as a hand-carry when I travel because it is extremely light!

    As for the small one, my daughter can use it if she wants to. Just thought it was cute (very small, about 20cm).

  3. Finally my TATA BABY is here.
    IMG_8542.jpg IMG_8543.jpg IMG_8544.jpg IMG_8546.jpg IMG_8548.jpg
  4. Close up.


    IMG_8553.jpg IMG_8554.jpg IMG_8555.jpg
  5. As far as I know, they're only available in Japan and HK and nowhere else.
  6. I don't think she's kidding. I bumped into a website that sells T.A.T.A. and almost all designs have to be pre-ordered :shocked:.
  7. Is this available in the US?

  8. haha! i remember those!!
  9. ITA - i roll up and pack the longchamp
  10. I love the idea of converting it to a raincoat for your Birkin! It's definitely far chic-er than the rain coats that come with the bag from Hermes!
  11. [​IMG]

    I like this one the most... super cuteeee.... where can i get this for my DD???? :nuts:
  12. ^^^ I want a couple for my nieces ...........
  13. I really like the T.A.T.A. Bags, can anyone tell me where I can buy or order one on line. Plllllleeease.........
  14. Really like the swift leather, it's a lot lighter than all the other ones I got before. Therefore got a green one with gold accessories in swift in Ginza. Can't believe all the selections there, different colors with gold or silver accessories, just the 30s I saw 10 of them to choose from and another 12 to choose from for the 25s.