T.A.T.A. Photo Print Birkin

  1. Oh I love this. The little one would be perfect for my DD. Can anyone tell me where I can order one from? Thank you. x
  2. oh i love it too. I'm definitely going to use it as a raincoat. Could someone please let me know too?
  3. Thanks Laney. That's my old (F stamp) 32cm gold togo in phw.
  4. This is hysterical....since we all already have the real Birkin now we all want the fake one!!
  5. I imagine they'll end up on flea-bay at ridiculous prices soon!
  6. I have a jelly Kelly that I love. It's a collectors item. As I recall it was about $100 (I paid pounds in the UK) which is a lot less than these cost.
  7. And, I'd certainly love to hear what Hermes and Hermes' lawyers think of it. I'm just betting that they aren't amused!
  8. I think it is a real funny idea. Way better then the so called 'inspired' bags. If I would get one as a present, I would wear it - maybe not in the city, but on the beach or to the Zoo.
  9. As I recall, they stopped sales of the jelly kelly. I'm sure they've got to have an opinion about these fun bags.
  10. I bet they do too, Gracemnot :p, and I have a feeling that their lawyers are probably "working" on it at this very moment!

    The Birkin is a copyrighted design afterall, and most likely, it's either their first or second most famous copyright at that.
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    Surprised that anyone here would want one of these.
  12. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  13. omg so cute! I wish they were available in the US!
  14. J, are you converting them into raincoats !?!

  15. Haha I have to say it's a bit fun. I'd like a raincoat like that. But it's awful how mainstream Hermès is becoming, almost like Vuitton.

    How funny as well that I have the exact same T-shirt as Monsieur Chocolat Chaud, but in grey!!