T.A.T.A. Photo Print Birkin

  1. I just ordered mine and should arrive in early May. 35cm (large)The same with the photo above, and 20cm (small) black ostrich. :smile:
  2. It reminded me of this stuff [​IMG]
  3. J you are efficient! :graucho:


  4. Kashmira, the 35cm ones are exactly like the 35cm Birkins. I have a comparison photo with a 30 and a 35 (yeah, I'm crazy, I know). Not sure about the small size though.

    LuvBirkin, your red ostrich print is too cute! I didn't know they do exotic prints as well!
    L1020322.JPG 160920091762.jpg
  5. SuiteSixteen: :nuts:
  6. Great pictures!!!!! I guess that the large size might be a tad too big to transform into a raincoat for a 30 cm Birkin...
  7. If anyone knows if these are available anywhere in the US, please PM me! I think they are clever, since they're clearly intended as a sort of tongue-in-cheek homage and not an imitation.
  8. thanks Lutz for posting your pic of the raincoat .. :heart:

    Castorny .. comtemplating on converting one for yourself ..

    Oy .. faking a fake .. this is going too far ..

    Kalindy .. I'm surprised you've haven't seen these before ..

    luvbirkin .. love your birdie print .. too cute .. I might get a birdie print too^^
  9. i heard there is an XL ... does anyone know whether that will fit 40?

  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Haha! These are kind of cute! That's a good idea to use it for a raincoat for a Birkin.
    Cute beach bag, too.
  12. hanyeu .. @ last check in '09 .. the largest only fit the 35/B .. so nogo on the decision for the 32HAC .. :sad:(
  13. Yes, one of the shop I called said they have 3 sizes, their large is 40cm, medium is 35cm, small is 20cm.

  14. yes I know! I am crazy when it comes to bags:p

  15. Great picture SuiteSixteen! Do you mind sharing what color and leather that gorgeous Kelly is in the back? :nuts: