Synthetic or natual brushes??

  1. I just came back from my smashbox make over. They're so great at what they do, and so friendly! I decided to buy the holiday brushes that they had because they retail for about $180 and were on sale for $84.. BUT they were synthetic (super nice quality though) theyre other brush set was almost $200 made from boar hair (except for one brush, it was syntheic)

    do you think it makes a difference with natrual hair vs. good syntheic hair?? does one apply better?? because if theres a huge difference, i might just return my brushes and get the other set. thanks for taking the time to read this!
  2. I dont think it makes a HUGE difference but I have noticed that high quality synthetic brushes can be even softer than a high quality natural brush could ever hope to be
  3. yes, the holiday collection is SO soft!

    have you ever touched them? TDF!! i was just wondering if it made a super huge difference. the ladies working there said it didnt and that even some of the high quality natural brushes had some synthetic hairs in it. but i wasnt sure if they were just saying that to sell me the brushes or not.
  4. i prefer synthetic!!! they stay soft, and never dry out... they're also non-porous, so you don't waste as much product. plus, they're completely cruelty free! however, if you prefer natural brushes, your lip, foundation, and concealer brushes should be synthetic. good luck!
  5. im confused. should with, "however, if you prefer natural brushes, your lip, foundation, and concealer brushes should be synthetic. good luck!" should they be synthetic or not??

    does synthetic and natural perform the same?
  6. i was told at the MAC counter that the synthetic brushes are for applying wet products, and that the natural were for other products
  7. oh wow. but i heard mac brushes contain a mix of both??
  8. ive read that natural brushes hold the powder product longer than synthetic. true? false??

    bottom line: should i keep my smashbox holiday edition synthetic brushes or return for natural hairs??
  9. anything that is liquid, creamy, ect. should be always be applied with a synthetic brush...

    plus, natural hairs are porous, like the hairs on our head. therefore, they absorb more product, in the bristles, than synthetic brushes, which can be wasteful. if you do invest in synthetic brushes, the ones made out of taklon are the best.
  10. i just purchased the holiday edition from smashbox. familiar with em to the nines??
  11. i'm not too familiar w/ the holiday collection, other that what i've read, on other sites. i do have some smashbox bruhes: crease brush #10, blending brush #3, arched liner brush #21, and cream eyeliner brush #9. the crease and blending brushes are natural. they all have a nice shape to them, and were very soft when i first got them. however, i can't say that i've been very impressed. they feel a bit flimsy, and two of the brushs (the crease and blending brushes) have lost their softness. i think i've had them for 6 months now. i have heard good reviews of the holiday collection tho.

    i have used clinique (natural hairs), the body shop (synthetic), bare essentials (both synthetic and natural brushes), and bobbi brown (not sure what it's made out of). i think the body shop brushes are the best, hands down. i've had them for 4 years now, and they feel the same as the first day i got them.

    i honestly don't know if the smashbox are worth it. i haven't had great experience with them, but many makeup artists recommend them. do you know what kind of synthetic fibers they're made from?

  12. no, im looking at the box and what it comes with and it doesnt say what it is made of. but its super soft! so youve had bad experiance with smashbox boxes in general but have heard good reviews of the holiday collection?? what ya hear?
  13. I have a mixture of natural brushes and high quality synthetic brushes. I think the natural ones last a little longer, but I prefer the synthetic ones overall. I've tried TONS of brushes, and my Smashbox kabuki brush is one of my all-time favorites. :yes:
  14. I heard synthetic brushes break some ppl out. I dont know how true that is.
  15. I haven't used the Smashbox brushes you speak of, but I've tried both natural and synthetic and I find no difference at all. I think you should keep the ones you have; they're a great bargain and from what I read on previous posts, naturals are gonna be sucking your makeup in and in my head that could get nasty.