Synthentic diamonds

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  1. Opinions? I'm kind of quezy about real ones because of the blood diamond issue and the fact all the ones I like are 50k plus.
  2. You might look into the glittering world of vintage rhinestones.

    Caution: they are addictive. ;)
  3. buy a Tiffany diamond, that way you know it is not a blood diamond. And you can start with a 1 carat. After that, Tiffany does trade ups so you can work your way up to your $50,000 stone.
  4. Ok, first have to say...I love your weight loss chart and the 3fc site....just added it to my favs (hee hee)!!!!

    Now, there is a very heated thread about fake diamonds here that pretty much shows that gals here are very dedicated to hating them or loving them for many different reasons.

    Most gals who do love them, appreciate the fact that they can join in on the fun of wearing some bling that they otherwise could not afford. Some gals dont like the idea of wearing fake diamonds and they can be fairly judgemental about the wearers.

    Speaking from personal experience as someone who wears real and fake and who`s family have been in the jewellery business for over 100 years....I say go for it, life is too short to wait for saving up huge amounts of money to buy a diamond!!!!! If you knew me irl, you would know that my love for good things knows no bounds, so its not that I dont love real diamonds....I just understand that we cant all afford them, or ones we would be happy with. And I personally have experienced people giving me more compliments on my fake bling than the real....which even I think is weird...but true!!!!!

    So my answer is bling is good no matter how you get there. There is some very good advice from diamond professionals at Pricescope who are in agreement that the fake stuff serves a very good purpose and is mostly indestingishable from the real if it is done well!!!!
  5. I don't really like synthetic gems of any sort, but then again I would never pay $10.000 for a ring with diamonds if I can get a ring just like it with zirconias/crystals etc for $1000 or less instead.
  6. I really don't want to work up to 50k diamond.It really is a irresponsible way to spend money.That is a very nice down payment on a very nice house. I mighthavethought about nothing about spending that much before I started my own business and started earningmy own money.
  7. Perhaps you can try here:

    They used to have some stores here in Australia, but they recently closed down. To the naked eye I seriously could not tell the difference between the real diamonds I was wearing, and the ones they were selling. (I definitely can tell the difference between real diamonds, and the ones sold at )
    They were just as sparkly, and looked great!

    They website doesn’t look fully functional yet, but perhaps you can email them and ask when it will be?
  8. How about colored gemstones? Theyre fun and so pretty. I would get those if I couldnt afford diamonds:tup:
  9. I am a member of Pricescope. Although there have been some posts on simulants, such posts are not permitted per PS policy. We are a group dedicated to authentic gemstones. There is a lot of good information on that site about conflict-free diamonds. HTH:smile:
  10. Ooops my bad!!!

    I meant Diamond Review which does allow any talk that effects the industry including simulants. This site sees mainly industry post and it is a little more dry than Pricescope...but very informative. Some of the industry posters are the same on both sites.
  11. What about that moissanite? I've seen it in person and have read great reviews, it's quite pretty in my opinion.
  12. No problem:smile: I'll have to take a wander over to Diamond Review and take a look:wlae:
  13. I think your Pricescope is more friendly and interesting from a consumers point of view. Love all the eye candy and helpful people!!!!! There is a lot less traffic on Diamond View.....and they really hate when someone asks for advice after they have purchased.

    Pricescope seems to understand the concept of buyers remorse and needing reassurance!!!!!! It really is stressful for the average person when buying a diamond!!!!:sweatdrop: I love reading PS!!!!!:love:
  14. Littlesharon~There is a combination of support, eye candy, and a high degree of technical education/accuracy on PS. There was a thread that went on for pages, with the experts running DiamCalc images and arguing about a certain crown angle and pavillion angle combination:wtf: The tutorials provide a great deal of information that I haven't seen elsewhere. Enjoy your visits. It's a great place!!

    ETA: We also love to help people find wonderful diamonds:heart:
  15. I have diamonds. I have cubic. I love both, for different reasons.

    Cubic, when it's set in a substantial mounting, is nothing to be ashamed of and there's no reason to feel like you are "settling" for something less. Cubic is cubic. It's not a diamond or even a diamond simulant. It's a CZ. And this is hardly the same thing as buying a fake [insert favorite designer's name and style of bag] for just that reason.

    If you just want some bling in your life, get a nice piece of cubic and save your money for the important things in life, like a house.
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