Syntagma- when you get a chance

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  1. could you please post pics of you holding the dif. size speedies you own? thank you!!!
  2. I second that!
  3. Sure! Most of mine are 30's though. 25's are just too small for my daily essentials. I will just post as many pictures as I have on the puter at the moment! LOL Umm Please ignore any weird clothing and or shoes. LOL FYI: Also, I am blonde again but not nearly as blonde as in the mini lin photo.
    silverspeedy.JPG silverspeedy2.JPG Speedy35.JPG speedy352.JPG perfo30.JPG
  4. A couple more...
    azurspeedy30.JPG minilin30.JPG
  5. crystal, i adore your perfo speedy!

    it looks fab. on you!
  6. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I love the 30 on you- i'm wondering if i need a 30 instead of a 25- maybe i would like it better... your perfo STILL HAS PLASTIC ON!!! Thanks again!!!
  7. i LOVE LOVE the azur speedy on you!
  8. Those look great Crystal.. My Dining room walls are painted the same color!!
  9. Syntagma, your perfo speedy is too cute:nuts:

    and I've noticed your avatar... I would guess that's you. so pretty :smile:
  10. Your speedies look FABULOUS on you!!!:nuts:
  11. so totally agree!
  12. Love all the Speedies!!!:heart:
  13. Looking fabulous Crystal!! Thanks for modeling all your Speedys! Such variety :biggrin:
  14. OMG!!! I didn't know you have the azur speedy! it looks sooooooo pretty!!! it looks like a 35 in that pic not a 30...maybe it's the light coloured boxes that make it look so big! I love all your speedies!
  15. wow. your speedies look great!