Symbols in the margin....

  1. what do those mean?

    I'm sorry, I'm new here and I see them and they worry me a little. The Exclamation mark, the arrow, and the question mark.

    Well, those don't worry me. It's the ones under my name, of course I forget what they are now. The Red white triangle? Makes me think DANGER or I'm doing something wrong.

    Can someone explain those for me please?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. If you just rest your curser on them, they will tell you what they are. The green cirlce indicates that you or someone else are currently on line. Blue indicates that the person is not currently on-line. Click the "danger" sign to report a bad post by someone.
  3. hehehhe, i didn't know what those symbols are 'til now.. Thanks print*model
  4. Yeah, imagine how confused I was when the Point System first started, lol! "What are these extra symbols!?!?"