Sydney to Gold Coast H in 1 Day!

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  1. Thanks, J! LOL ... :graucho:
  2. no worries dear.......:P
  3. Oh, dear, when I saw your RG birkin, I thought you are the one inspired me of getting my own RG.
    I may saw you somewhere in Chanel in mid Jan, with your RG birkin, did I?
    coz the RG on you looks so cool and beautiful to me, that makes me want one :biggrin:
  4. LOL ... I'm flattered my dear ... congratz again with ur RG
  5. Love the contrasting twilly's on the Birkin :greengrin:
  6. Thanks, Wassit. They are a bit unique compare to the rest of H twillies as its a bit more fun with dots. I was lucky to find it one in Singapore and another in Malaysia.
  7. Gorgeous bag~~~ Congratulations!!!
  8. Boogee119, Thanks. Hey, are u from Spore? LOL ... ur avatar look like its from H Liat Tower :smile:
  9. fannaticssydney, I am not from Singapore. I am from Toronto but currently in HK. ;)
  10. Oh, thats cool, dear. LOL. Thanks again, Boogee119!