Sydney July 2008

  1. Hi Ladies

    I will be over in Sydney next July :yahoo::yahoo: and would love to catch up with anyone who might be around then! I will be making all arrangements/dates via PM and email. Please PM me if you are interested in meeting up for lunch/dinner/ H!!
  2. Rose! :nuts: I think I can catch a flight to meet you!
  3. That would be so exciting MrsS!! I'll PM you!
  4. Can I come too? :tender:
  5. OMG, I would love it!!! Perhaps I should plan on stopping in SG too! Hmmmm, I wonder if I can swing that, would be a dream come true...
  6. ^^ :yahoo::yahoo: You should!!
  7. ^^ I am going to work on it, it would be so fantastic! SG was one of my late mother's very favorite cities.
  8. LOL...I will be in Shanghai...Sydney...close, yet far...
  9. I'll be here (Sydney). :smile:
  10. Jasperella, I'll keep you updated via PM, :heart:
  11. Rose !! Judging by DH's work schedule, I may be able to swing by for a visit !!
    Or come and stop over in SG ! Am sure the SG girls wld love to take you out and show u ard our little city !!!
  12. ^^^ I am really going to try to stop over in SG, I am getting my schedule worked out and will add you to my PM list and keep you updated. This is so exciting!
  13. Oooo, I might be able to make it!
  14. Cal, that would be fantastic!! I'll PM you the dates soon, looking into flights via SG...
  15. Please do!! :tup: