Sydney - Feb 10 Valentines Day Event

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  1. Hey darling PF-ers,

    Just received in the mail an invite to their Valentines Cocktail event 2 Saturdays from now.

    It came in the most gorgeous Pomme coloured card! So cute! :graucho:

    Anyone here attending the event? Apparently it is to show case the new gift ideas for Valentines day. :heart:

    I can't wait as my man is arriving back in Australia THAT MORNING! :wlae:

  2. i wish i was invited to a lv party!!

    have a good time!
  3. I received the invitation yesterday but I won't be going. The " Pomme Vernis" card is really nice:love:. Have a wonderful time!
  4. Lucky people down under. Have a great time!
  5. You'll have to tell us all the info about what you see.:nuts:
    No event invites from Brisbane LV yet.:sad:
  6. You're so lucky! Have fun.
  7. Does Brisbane ever have parties, as i need to gets myself on that list:yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. wowow i wish i will receive one
  9. oww.. How come i didn;t get one??

    Are you on very good terms with your SA at Sydney?
  10. You lucky devil, I am not a big enough spender.
  11. You lucky girl!!!!!

    I wished I was invited to such events too!!
  12. Congrats, what a great idea LV had doing their cards in Pomme. I am so loving that color now!
  13. Have fun at the event! :yahoo:

    Can you take a picture of your invitation? I want to see the gorgeous red. :love:
  14. :graucho: Picture 025.jpg
  15. I have just returned from a conference and discovered my invitation to our event here .. it is also on the 10th ...I :heart: the invite:love: