Sydney Dry Cleaner for Hermes Scarves

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  1. Can anyone recommend a dry cleaner in Sydney I can take my Hermes Silk/Cashmere Scarf to?
  2. I haven't taken my H scarves here yet, but this is my go to for my specialty items like fur and leather:

    I've a collection of antique-vintage hand embroidered silk coats that they have a premium 'hand clean' service for, and they've done a beautiful job every time. I go to the one in Crows Nest, and I'll be taking my H shawls there before winter.
  3. I don't live in your part of the world and haven't tried dry cleaning my scarves yet but my SA kept reminding me that when I do to ask the dry cleaner not to press the hem or it won't be plump any more (a specific feature of H scarves).
  4. Thanks ladies. Good tip about the hems. This is my first hermes scarf/shawl so I want to make sure it is well looked after!