Sydney Australia - what to buy there

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  1. Hi all, I am heading to Sydney this week and want to buy some gifts for my gf. I want to buy Australian brand products (Australia made if possible). It seems like skincare products are the way to go. Are there any other things/brands that girls like that I can buy there? Many thanks all!
  2. Hi!
    How about UGG boots?

    E x
  3. AESOP skincare products are very nice and, I think, a fair bit cheaper here (Aus) than elsewhere. Sydney also has some great boutiques with some Australian designer offerings (eg around Paddington).
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  4. That's true! And what about Australian designers? Ellery, Willow, Tony Maticevski..?
  5. Thank you for all your suggestions! :smile:
    Edit - I think UGG Australia is a US brand unless I actually go for ugg boots but not sure which Australia brand is good.
    For skincare, I was thinking of Aesop, Grown Alchemist, Jojoba and Sodashi (although I have no idea on which is good for what skin! haha).
    Thanks for suggestion on Australian designers :smile:
  6. A beautiful opal
  7. Dare I sound rude, don't even bother with UGG. Most of their stuff isn't even made here in Australia!

    As for recommendations...
    My favourite Australian clothing label is Wheels & Dollbaby,
    I highly recommend a visit to their store in Surry Hills, and whilst your in the area you may as well pop into Gelato Messina for a sugar hit!
    A majority of Dollbaby clothing is designed and made here in Australia, check out their website
    As for skincare I'll second the opinions above on Aesop! I swear by their range.

    Hope this helps! x
  8. You're right. UGG is owned by Deckers, a California-based company.
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  9. If you're still in Australia, check out RM Williams boots.