Sydney, Australia: $100 off your mininum purchase of $1,000

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  1. This offer is for fellow Dior enthusiasts in Sydney, Australia. :smile:

    Dior at David Jones, Sydney is pleased to invite you to visit the store to view the current collections, including the latest Karenina and 61 lines. With a minimum purchase of $1,000 on any full-priced items, receive $100 off. This offer applies once per transaction and cannot be combined with any other offer.

    Please mention this offer before payment.

    Happy shopping! :idea:
  2. Do you think its possible for them to ship over to Perth? Or is this a walk in offer only?
  3. I'll ask for you and post back. :smile:
  4. WOw thanks for letting us know! I wonder if there's anything good this season....i better go to DJ's during the week then......
  5. bebepunk, you'll be pleased to know that this offer applies also to interstate orders over the phone or email. :yes:
  6. awesomeeeee !! :biggrin: much thanks eminere !!
  7. My pleasure! :smile:
  8. WHOA I'm a bit slow to this thread (been in hospital)... did anyone get anything?
  9. Just an update: This offer has been extended to the boutique at The Rocks, DFS Galleria as well. Please ask to speak to the manager if you run into any problems there.

    This offer expires 15 September 2008.
  10. ^ woohoo! Thanks eminere - I'll be in Sydney on Friday so I'm off to Dior for a stickybeak...
  11. Happy shopping! :smile:
  12. woohoo! my friend just sms'ed me saying he's going to hunt for some goodies in Syd.
    I'm wanting a saddle bag so hopefully he can pick one up *fingers crossed*

    very excited :biggrin:
  13. You might want to tell your friend to try the boutique at The Rocks first for the Saddle; I think the David Jones store might have sold theirs already. But if he's free to pay both stores a visit there's no harm in asking again. :smile:
  14. thanks for the info ! i'll let him know =)