SYD assistance !

  1. Hi there !
    I'm going to SYD next week to visit DH (whois on a work assignment there !):yes::yes::yes:

    Can any Sydneysiders advise if Kellys are readily available at the H store there ?? (i'm asking cuz i've been offered a 32cm black kelly inside stitch at my local store, but i'm in two minds over this cuz i really want an outside stitch instead.) If it's convenient, cld you PM me ??

    Aside : Wld also appreciate if anyone has tips on where to bring a 15mth old toddler to sight see in SYD !!

    A huge THANK YOU in advance !!!;)
  2. i haven't been to the store in ages, so maybe you could give the Sydney store a call and see what stock is available, although i rarely see a black kelly on the shelf

    Also, you do realise that as Australia is one of the most expensive places to buy luxury goods, even if the Sydney store did have a kelly, it will be quite $$ as compared elsewhere even with tax free (except Japan)

    As to what sites to see with a toddler, they have just opened a wildlife park next to the sydney aquarium at Darling Harbour, so they can see all our local animals. Taronga Zoo is another biggie, as you can catch the ferry over the to the Zoo.

    You can also take them to the Rocks (and on weekends, they have the markets and live entertainment). I think there's a candy making store there where u can view them making those old fashioned rock candy.

    Don't forget to take them to the Lindt cafe for all the hot or iced chocolate!! Yum!
  3. Hermes prices in Australia are shockingly high compared to the rest of the world, except I have just returned from a short holiday from Tokyo a couple of weeks ago and I have to say with the more exotic bags (Birkin, Kelly) the price in Australia seem to be even more expensive than Japan too. However if you have no other choice but get it in Sydney, you can claim back 10% of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) when you leave the country.

    There was a Kelly (I think also inside stitch) in the Sydney store a couple of weeks ago (but was white, not black) and a JPG foldable Kelly, and there's also an off-white suede Kelly clutch. You should give the store a call as the staff there are extremely friendly and helpful.

    The places Kasumi recommended should be fun. And you can check out this site as well:

    Hope you and your family will have a wonder trip to Sydney!
  4. Hi Tosca,

    Hope you enjoy your stay in Sydney. Just as in most Hermes stores, Sydney has plenty of Kellys, Birkins etc (especially at the moment), but of course these are not usually on display. The store is lovely, and the staff are very good - you'll have to try your luck, but I sure wouldn't describe Kellys as readily available to a visitor to the store, but I hope you find what you're after.

    Have fun!
  5. Kasumi:thanks for the suggestions! i love hot chocolate !!!
    i'm so excited !! this is the first trip for my 14 mth old DD - and i've just bought her a cute winder jacket ! (though i heard its getting warmer now - but it was too cute to resist ! heehee)

    Mud mud: yah, i'd def claim tax when i leave. thanks for the link !! it's really helpful !!!
    I've been to SYD 2 in 2005, but then i was on my own so managed to do a LOT of signtseeing and not to mention shopping :smile:
    but this time, i'd like to bring toddler along to let her experience it too !!

    GF : thanks dear !
    i'm so excited !!!