Swung over to Hermes, running back to LV

  1. Disclaimer: I own a bunch of Hermes in the forms of three regular scarves, three pocket squares, a Twilly scarf, three keyrings and three enamel bracelets but...

    LV is a bargain compared to Hermes!

    I bought my first Hermes scarf 16 years ago when they were $125, and now they're $320 with an expected price increase coming shortly. How high can they go? And how high can they go when most of the designs aren't that spectacular artistically? Ferragamo is CHEAP at $220, and they have some stunning designs.

    I started with the fruit keyrings in 2002 at $75, and they're now $115. Ouch. Wallets have gone up practically 100% in just a few years as well.

    I've been looking at the bags, and they're so not worth what they cost. They won't last any longer than any other leather handbag on the market, and I can't be the only one who thinks an open Birkin or Kelly is kind of ugly. After examining one at my local store, they weren't so perfectly crafted that you can say they're markedly better than the next guy. I always admired the Bolide from a distance, and I'm not a satchel woman so I never really bothered, but I have to wonder what you get for that price tag. It certainly isn't a unique bag that took longer than average to manufacture.

    I know we always hear the hue and cry that LV is just plastic and such, but I can bet any LV I own will outlast the average Hermes, and at those prices, the cost per wear/use gets super high. I paid $175 for my LV wallet, and it still looks new all these years later. If I splurged on an Hermes, I'd be willing to bet it would show wear within a year, and I'd only have to replace it a few years down the road if I used it on a daily basis.

    LV's price increases are bothersome, but I know the regular lines will last, and they're definitely a bargain when you think of what Hermes charges now and what they'll be charging years down the road.

    Why do I bother looking elsewhere when LV makes a superior product?
  2. I totally agree with you ...im not really a Hermes kinda girl it seriously has 0 appeal for me ...good thing too because its quite expensive lol:smile:!
  3. I always joke I am missing the hermes gene. I have a few birkins and a kelly, and I like them and use them, but they are not my favorites and def. not 'the holy grail' for me. :shrugs:
  4. I contemplate buying something from another brand...and I always end up back here! BUT I LOVE Hermes pocket squares and twillies for tying on my bags! I think they have a better selection/variety than LV.
  5. I want at least one birkin in my life :yes:
  6. I am turned off by the fact that you can't even buy a Birkin in person at a retail store unless you live near a store, and you buy up your SA until your wallet bleeds and then you can get the privilege of getting on the waiting list.

    I live in Oregon and travel to South Coast Plaza and Las Vegas, and waited on lists for 3 years, only to find out that they took me off their waiting lists for a Birkin because I didn't live nearby and could be on TWO waiting lists. Can you believe that crap? And there is more! An SA in LV told me indirectly that I needed to develop a relationship with her by buying other things before she'd give me the opportunity to be on HER waiting list. eff-U!

    BTW, after I ran out of the South Coast Plaza store crying and insulted, my SO took me down the hall to LV and bought me a GORGEOUS black Le Fabuleaux. I treasure this bag and will always remember my "treatment" from Hermes.

  7. Me 2......:yes: (dreaming though...for now...) :sleepy:

  8. They're just not for me right now. Maybe later I'll love them, but :shrugs:
  9. BTW, after I ran out of the South Coast Plaza store crying and insulted, my SO took me down the hall to LV and bought me a GORGEOUS black Le Fabuleaux. I treasure this bag and will always remember my "treatment" from Hermes.


    SAD! Oh well. Lv cures all. I feels the same way. I'm not going to buy a bunch of other crap just to buy a birkin.

    Although i do dream of a rouge 40 cm birking ruthenium in togo nd the same in blue jean with white contrast stiching. :heart: (I haven't thought about it at all:love: )
  10. i want 1 birkin and 1 kelly
  11. i dunno...hermes is classic..but I like LV's style and very different looks each year!
  12. I think hermes is gorgeous there is such a feeling when u go inside a hermes boutique it is just pure luxury IMO but I also find their prices INSANE
    and the feeling I have when I go inside LV it is 100 times more amazing than anything :graucho:
  13. I have both LV and Hermes and love both. I did not mind paying the price for my Hermes bags because they are completely hand stitched by artisans using the very best of materials. Just like LV they are an heirloom that can be passed down generations.

    That said I am also a die hard LV fan!!! I think both brands are wonderful. :yahoo:
    I love using my Hermes scarves and locks with my LV bags. And I love LV for always coming out with new exciting styles.
  14. I agree...I love the different syles LV comes in. IMO, after a few Hermes bags all you can do is collect different colors...
  15. I love LV more and wish one day to own a Hermes... Okay, I said that a few dozen time each year and alway buy another LV. I don't know, maybe I'm not a Hermes fanatic???