Swtiching to dark colored LVs instead of ones with vachetta...long post

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  1. I just posted a thread a few hours ago about whether to replace vachetta or buy a new bag instead. Now let me start with something that has made me extremely contemplative on the amount of $$$ I spent on LVs with vachetta that had gotten worn out and dirty and sold for less than half of the retail price:cursing:. if I replace the vachetta only, that would cost a lot, maybe almost equal to the amount of a new one. If I bought a brand new one, thats another huge expense!!! I estimated that in the past 10 years of buying and selling LVs with vachetta, I could have bought myself a solid gold cartier, rolex, or huge diamonds or could have used that money to renovate my apartment:cursing:! I have dark colored bags (a few from different designers) that Ive had for more than 15years and they still look great and still use them once in a while. Ive started to invest on LV damier which I know would last a lifetime (hopefully). The vachetta ones lasted me 5 years max! Thats because I make sure I use them and not keep em for fear of wearing the vachetta out. I find it hard to spend $$$ on a bag and just keep em in the closet. One more thing about LVs with vachetta is I have to be extra careful not to get it soiled with the tiniest marks. I want to be able to enjoy a bag and not get too OC with it. From now on Ive made a commitment to buy LV bags that would remain classics and still look good all throughout my lifetime. No offense meant to LV with vachetta owners because I am one of them too:graucho: Anyone feel this way too?
  2. I feel that way but they're are ways to help prevent it like products that you can put on the handles and what not to keep the oil from getting on and having oil extraction services. I haven't gotten an LV bag yet and I want a speedy mono really bad but the darkening to the point of blackness freaks me out... I think if you don't want that to happen the damier is a good choice definitely!
  3. These appreciate in value every year but LVs with vachetta depreciate after a few days of use it seems:crybaby:. Damier might be an exception sometimes. I sold my damier papillon after more than a year and was able to sell it for the price I got retail.
  4. Everything loses its value once it it bought. The fact that you have gotten half back on your LV's after years of use is prety good IMO. Chanel is the only other brand I ca think of that has that kind of resale value. I am going to be buying my first mono bag with vachetta soon and yes I will baby it, it is the price I am willing to pay for it to look pristine. I have seen some people classic bags and they look pretty good cause they take care of them and probaly dont use them that much. I understand it is frustrating to have them turn dark , I dont like that look at all. I hope my bag will not turn so fast. I think damier and mini lin are great choices if you dont want to baby your bags and worry about vachetta. And I so understand about the having huge diamonds and a gold watch, One night I added up what I spent since JAN AND IT MADE ME SICK!!!!! I still buy tho.
  5. I agree on the chanel and its resale value. LV Damier has reasonable resale value too. The mini lin and epi lines too IMO.
  6. I now what you mean.
  7. I hate dark vachetta and I am afraid my azur will look ugly soon. Anyway, I love the Azur pattern and am OK if my bag will look beautiful for at least 3 years. It costs me 300 GBP and I'm OK with 100 a year.
  8. There is a classic beauty to the damier and mini lin ebene lines. And it is nice to not have to worry about the vachetta.

    But I think the vachetta is a personal feeling. I love speedies with a golden, honey colored patina. I think they are beautiful as they get older. I don't want the handles to be black, but I am hoping that with the advice I get on TPF, I can keep my speedy looking wonderful for years to come :smile: But I like the darker patina better than the naked vachetta.

    And from what I have seen on the second hand market, mono speedies (which are VEEEERRRRYYY popular) that are over 10 years old are still going for $250 to $300. That's not too bad for a purse someone has had for almost a decade.
  9. You can use some sort of leather gaurd on the bags. I think it is called apple gaurd. I don't like dark leather either, but a lot of people do. That is one thing that makes me decide on or against a bag. If it has too much exposed leather, then I opt for something else.
  10. i have a azur speedy and it'll be my vachetta testing bag ;). i'm thinking of getting something in monogram but i really worried about more vachetta. i'll probbaly just get a small accessories than has mono pattern but no vachetta :p.
  11. same here,i have a couple that has vachetta but i try to avoid it like a plague because im clumsy and with my kiddo's curious fingers, i cannot avoid it getting dirty.i learn toward the ones without vachetta, ie damier and epi
  12. That sucks :sad: I own one LV bag and it's with vachetta, hate to think what's going to happen to it. Thank God it's Limited Edition and it cannot be found anywhere. I am starting to wonder if I should sell but I really like the design of the bag and it holds everything and a kitchen sink. It's like I am damned if I sell and damned if I don't. I really wish I liked damier but I don't at all. Epi doesn't call my name either. Vernis is nice but vachetta handles again.
  13. I use appleguard on my vachetta and it still looks great years down the road. Maybe you should try treating the vachetta first. Believe me, I've owned a ton of different designer names and LV is the only one that I've sold that I haven't taken a huge loss....I've even lost big on Chanel.
  14. I'm not big on epi and vernis (fingerprint issue there) too. So its only damier for me. If they had a mono or mc bag with no vachetta at all, I would definitely get one again. But I'm on a ban from LVs with vachetta for now :crybaby:Ive been an LV user for 15 years and 98% of my bags had vachetta. I lost tons of $$$ :crybaby:Unless I become a billionaire and money grows on trees, I can buy all the vachetta'ed LVs in the world:graucho:
  15. I used to freak a little about mark on brand new vachetta, but after using it for some time I just don't care anymore. It's bag, it's meant to be used and I'm sure it will last longer than 5 years because I'm actually waiting for the used vintage look (mono looks better old IMO)