1. I received my Blue Nikki today from Bluefly, I was a little nervous about the color. It said 'sky blue' but it's not the pastel blue I thought it might end up being. It's a beautiful dusty blue color. I am posting pics for reference with the color---although RM probably isn't doing this color blue anymore--I did a search and came up with nothing on TPF. It was hard to get a true rendering of the color so I was checking out a few different rooms in the house! These are the best :smile: BTW--I returned the bronze Nikki to Bluefly, if anyone is thinking of that bag the leather on it was soooo nice, I hate to say nicer than this blue one?:shrugs:
    I am keeping the blue, don't get me wrong but that leather was as soft and silky as a new babies bottom. Now, I am DONE for now!!! (until that mini nikki comes along...) VIVA BLUEFLY
    P1050439.jpg P1050448.jpg
  2. oops, this one got away from me....
  3. Fab!
  4. Very pretty! I like the color =)

    mmm mini niki... that would be nice
  5. she's a real beauty posk51! that color is tdf!
  6. Gorgeous color! Glad you found one with a color you love!
  7. ^ hee-hee thanks! I hate returning beautiful handbags..
  8. Ooooooooh Niiiiiiiiice!!! :tup:
  9. Ohhhh it's gorgeous!!!:tup:
  10. She is really beautiful! :smile:
  11. that's soo pretty! all the nikki posts makes me want one now too :smile:
  12. That is such a beautiful blue! :drool:
  13. Hot! I was ready to jump on the RM Elisha in glazed espresso that BlueFly had, but by the time I decided to pull the trigger, they were out of stock.

    Oh well, guess that's what I get for waiting!
  14. I know! I was stalking that site crazy style to finally get that nikki! I kept checking the Bluefly updates people posted :nuts:

  15. I am waiting on mine from Bluefly too! The color looks so nice! I can't wait! :yahoo: