swollen lymph node

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I think I have a swollen lymph node! I have a lump on the side of my neck, and I did a little research on the internet and I'm pretty sure it's a swollen lymph node.

    Has anyone else ever gotten one before? What should I do about it? Does anyone have any guesses as to what else it might be?
  2. Well, you can have a swollen lymph node for about one million reasons. I get them in my neck when I get a simple cold sore. But, if it persists you should see a doctor, especially if you are having other symptoms.
  3. Thanks Irishgal. How long do they usually last?
  4. I was in Europe and woke up one morning with the same thing.:wtf: I called my doctor immediately and he asked me to check if I had any kind of BUG Bite on my head...sure enough I did indeed have a large mosquito byte on my head. It lasted about a week. Sometimes you need medication for this as your lymph node is fighting some kind of infection. Check if you have any bites on your upper body. Hope that could help.
  5. If you have no other symptoms and it lasts for more than 3 days I would see a MD.
  6. Usaully swollen lymph nodes are a sign of your body fighting off infections. Have you had any type of colds or cuts in recent weeks. This could be the reason why your lymph nodes are swollen.

    I had swollen lymp nodes...started small as a marble and within 2 months it was the size of a golf ball...

    I went to the doctor...they tried taking tissue samples...(giant needle into my neck and "suck" out some tissue with it)....iin the end they ended up not "getting enough" so I went they sent me into biopsy....
    basically I woke up in the middle of surgury in horrible pain....

    in the end...the found out I had a reallly bad infection....( ALL THIS AND THEY COULDN"T DO A SIMPLE TEST TO FIGURE ITOUT!?!????)

    but if you notice your lymph nodes grown excessivley fast....go to your family physician and inform him/her and also any sypmtoms that maybe have come up!!
  7. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hi lv-lover

    Have gotten swollen lymph nodes before and I know it's really worrying to suddenly feel one somewhere on you! As someone here already said, it's a way for the body to fight some infection. Here are some other things my doctors here told me: (1) if it's swollen and painful, it's probably a temporary infection-fighter (and not the big C, which all of us are worried about -- the big C ones are usually not swollen and painful); (2) if you want to be on the safe side, go to the doctor and he will prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs; (3) Otherwise, nature should take its course in about one or two weeks; and in the meantime you should load up on Vitamin C and natural anti-inflammatory stuff like ginger tea (you cut up some ginger and boil it in water for about 20-30 minutes, with some honey to taste) to help you ward off the infection faster and also reduce inflammation. If the node is still there after about ten days, or if it has not gotten smaller within this time, you should go see a doctor again.

    Good luck! Most cases are really nothing to worry about..but take care...
  9. I have a swollen lymph node under my arm right now. I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago, and told me to come back and get it rechecked in four weeks. It's still the same size. If it doesn't shrink, I have no idea what he's going to do. It doesn't hurt though.
  10. WBC (white blood cells, which fight infection) are made in the lymph nodes and when there's an infection... the lymph nodes swell up due to stimulation of increase in WBC production. usually when this occurs, the lymph node is tender when touched and is movable. the swelling should subside in 1 or 2 weeks. however, if the lymph node is not movable, non-tender, and the swelling does not subside, it could be symptoms of lymphoma. i am an oncology nurse, but take everything i've said with a grain of salt and go see a doctor to be sure. take care and best wishes to you.
  11. This actually happened to someone I knew a couple of weeks ago. She had swollen lymph node in her throat/neck. She got a really bad cold/fever shortly after. She went to the doctor and at first they told her she had cat scratch fever! Can you believe that?! I didn't even know that was possible. Supposidly her cat had scratched her and gave her a bacterial infection.

    The antibiotics they gave her didn't work and her throat and face swelled up to a point that she went back to the doctor...they told her this time it was tonsillitis. She was instructed to "wait it out" with antiobiotics. Finally she got a second opinion. They took blood tests and determined that it was Mono. Apparantly the previous Mono tests didn't detect Mono until after she went on antiobiotics.

    I guess the point is....it could be anything. The best thing to do is to go to the doctor's. (hugs)
  12. My sister recently had a baby boy.Aiden is now almost 3 months old.After she had him she was gasping for air when she talked .Her doctor gave her an inhaler,and said come back in few weeks in it doesnt work.She went back,and they did an x ray.she had swollen lymphnodes in her neck,and in her lungs.she also has in in her bone marrow and stomach.They did a biopsy,but didnt get a large enough sample,so they removed one.I dont mean to scare you,but you need to get checked out.My sister has Hodkins disease,she is 23 years old.Its a form of cancer,but is treatable.They suggest she has had it a year now,and she didnt know anything about it.She had her 3rd of 12 chemo sessions on thursday,and they have shrunk.Cancer has 5 stages,she was a 4b.After 3 sessions she is now a 2b.I think she feels much better.Go and get checked out,like i said I dont mean to worry you but if it is anything it's better to catch it asap.
  13. ^hodgkin's is a type of lymphoma. glad to hear your sis caught it early and is doing better.
  14. My sister had this same problem about a year ago..she had this lump at the base of her skull in the back, where the neck begins. The first one went away after a few days, but another one popped up in its place.

    She went to the doctor, and the doctor said it was just lymph nodes and was nothing to worry about.....my sister was like, "There's a lump on my head, of course I was worried".

    She did not get any treatment, and they did go away on their own.

    I would definitely see a doctor though, just for peace of mind.
  15. Thank you everyone. I think I will get it checked out if it doesn't go away in the next couple of days.

    And Brit, glad to hear your sister is doing better.