Switching to Chanel

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  1. Hello dear Chanel subforum denizens,

    as you can see from my avatar, I come from the Louis Vuitton subforum. Recently however, I started thinking about switching to Chanel to buy some accessories, namely a wallet (preferably a billfold), matching coin purse and a keyholder. I did my research by looking through the Chanel eyecandy thread and found a few items I like. My idea is to get all three items from the same line and colour-way: either black Caviar or Cambon. My questions to you all are now: are those items still available (in Europe) and how much do they cost (in Europe)?
    Thank you!
  2. Caviar items:
    6-Key Holder in Brown Caviar Leather.jpg Card Holder in Black Caviar.jpg Wallet Type 1 in Brown Quilted Caviar.jpg
  3. Cambon items:
    6-Key Holder in Ivory Cambon Leather 2.jpg Billfold in Navy Cambon Leather.jpeg
  4. I haven't seen any Cambon styles in the boutiques for a long time, so good luck in finding what you want
  5. Misc. items:
    Credit Card Holder in Black.jpeg Wallet Type 2 in Black Quilted Caviar Leather.jpg Wallet Type 2 in Ivory Cambon Leather.jpg
  6. some of the Lignes you chose have very limited quantities now because they've been out for a while. Chanel is very different from LV in this way, they debut a lot of new things every season, often it's for that season only. Really, it's probably better to go to your local store and find out what small accessories are still available.
    For bags, we could probably give you more accurate availability ideas, but small accessories are harder.
  7. Ok, I see. Thank you.