Switching Tags

  1. :cursing: This makes me so angry! I went to Macy's today and found again the tokidoki bag that's supposed to be only in Europe and a playground denaro... The only wrong thing was they had different tags! The SAs didn't know what they were and said both were returns. They were sent to the manager and I'll have to call back in a few days to find out the verdict on actual costs. (But how do you price something supposedly not even sold in the US??) But it makes me mad. They stuck a pirata dolce tag on the denaro and a paradiso portatelephono on the bag.

    This is a similar bag btw... I think the one I saw is a little smaller http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p304/xtwistedkittenx/reference/31_1.jpg
  2. That's weird...how do you return something in another country- assuming the macys there sold it...
  3. :shrugs: The Macy's SA don't really know tokidoki lesportsac or check if it's the right item. As long as it has a tag that looks like it hasn't been tampered with they'll accept it I guess. The tag on the bag is the type w/ the 3 prongs that if you bend them slightly you can take them off and then put it back on without anyone noticing (I've done it before when I changed my mind about clothes- never worn outside clothes tho >_< and never different items)
  4. Oh...I see... and probably got more money back for it too...the european ones don't cost a quarter as much as the lesportsac ones...
    I was planning on ordering a messsenger with the sushi girl on it... only 17.33 at the time
  5. I saw some tag switching at Macy's the other day too. The bag had been returned and it was a regular Sportsac with a Toki tag, I guess someone made some $ off of that fraud:yucky:
  6. its not uncommon for ppl to do that...obviously its to get more money back...argh..idiots...then again its the SA fault for not checking if its the tag is right......
  7. i'm wondering how if those ppl are caught...like the SA actually know what tokidoki is and he/she realized that the tag is switched, or maybe other customers who were around said that's not the right tag? :shrugs:
  8. If the SA knew that it was switched im guessing she will not accept it for a return until the right tag is there or probably report it to the manager...and if the SA didnt know..well i think the way they could get caught is if they paid with cc? it would have your info in it..unless they paid cash which would be hard to find out who??
  9. hmmmm it would be very embarassing if the person get caught, i dunno how i would react if i were that person....
  10. I think people can straight up lie and say they either bought it that way and paid that price for it... or the SA's have an 'I don't care, I just want to get paid' attitude... and the store sells so much, I guess it's hard to keep track, if it's not incredibly popular or you're familiar with it
  11. yeah... they called a few other macy's about the denaro but no one could confirm its identity so it went to the manager... as for the bag... they just told me to call back in a couple days and ask about it... blah
  12. Pretty much. I work at a store that has a million things, so sometimes it's really hard to know a) if we carry the brand b) what price it should be at, and c) if everything matches up there's not much you can do anyway. Usually you can't refuse to take it, because maybe they did get it at the store.

    Retail is very annoying.