Switching straps on box and first...

  1. Hi there!
    I was just wondering if anyone else has ever bought the box and first just to switch the detachable straps? I had the box in ink and just bought the ink first from Barneys ny!!! I love the longer strap on the first! :love: Question is, do you think I can sell the box w/ shorter strap??:shrugs:
  2. hmm...that's a tough question! perhaps for now u should keep both, so you can interchange as need be? I guess if u do decide to sell it, you would have to sell it for somewhat less than retail to compensate for the shorter strap, since it is not the original one that came with the box...
  3. You are probably right, and at least I have a little variety! I just don't like how the first doesnt fit messenger style on me unless I put the longer strap on it!
  4. That's a neat idea switching the straps to have it longer on the first. It might be a tough sell with the box and shorter strap though. I agree that you'd have to sell it a little bit lower than you would want. Or you can just keep both... twice the fun! :graucho:
  5. I want to do this with the twiggy and first, but then I'm thinking about selling the twiggy and I know it would never sell with a shorter strap!
  6. It's funny, the box actually looks better without the longer strap anyway. Carrying it on the shoulder w/shorter straps is super cute but when carried with longer strap it hangs a little funny!:shrugs:
  7. ^ i know what you mean about the box hanging a bit funny with the orig. strap for it...i feel that mine is a bit awkward...
  8. The box is stil an awesome shape and fits a lot of stuff. It is great held by the handles!