Switching over to waxing?

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  1. So I've always used Nair for any facial hair I wanted to get rid of, but it kind of sucks....so I'm thinking about switching over to waxing....should I try it myself w/the at home kits or pay to get it done by someone? I'm not sure which I should do? If at home, then which one?

  2. you should try surgi cream...its the best!! You can buy it at places like Target
  3. I've used Parissa wax strips for my upper lip and they work really well. The SurgiWax strips didn't work at all for me. It hurt, but it only pulled off like 2 hairs! :blink:
  4. If you want your eyebrows done, I would suggest getting them waxed the first few times by a professional and having them shape them to how you want, then it will be easier to maintain that shape at home - just nab the stray hairs with wax or tweezers.

    Other parts of your face, totally easy to do on your own from step 1.
  5. Yeah, I usually tweeze my eyebrows, and I love the shape of them (I always get compliments on them :biggrin:), but the rest of my face.....I need major help. And of course I have thick, dark hair so I need to really get the job done....

    how often does one wax their face? I really am a little scared, I think that's why I've never waxed before...what brands are good for home waxing? Is it just better to have someone do it instead? I am so clueless! :confused1:
  6. ^^ I hear you about the dark hair..I would suggest going to a professional to get your face done for the first time. I think it really hurts, especially the upper lip. Maybe you are stronger than I am, but I can't inflict that pain on myself!
  7. I only wax my upper lip like once a month (using strips) and then I tweeze in between. I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but it's pretty brutal. It always brings a tear to my eye :shame:
  8. I've gotten my hoo ha waxed so facial waxing is no big deal...:roflmfao:
    It stings on the upper lip, but is honestly not too terrible. I would have a professional do it the first time, and watch her techniques and ask her for opinions and advice.
  9. I think you're safe doing your upper lip at home. Granted you have a tolerance for pain.
  10. i had a horrible experience with waxing...i suffered first degree burns as a result and had to have it corrected..it took a year for my skin to get back to normal...it was embarrasing to say the least...to prevent any more waxing or shaving i just had my laser hair removal done on my underarms..works great! no more shaving and waxing :smile:
  11. The first time you try waxing make sure you don't have anywhere to go for the rest of the day. It might be advisable for you to also take some benadryl in case of swelling or hives. I always get my eyebrows waxed and even though Ive been doing it for years and years they still get very red for about an hour or two afterward. My mom gets her eyebrows done too and the waxing gives her swelling and sometimes hives- she takes benadryl before going to prevent this. Good luck!
  12. ahh i want laser hair removal.. but the prices are ridiculous!

    Maybe you should have a girlfriend do it for you? but i think its safe to do your eyebrows and upper lip yourself.

    i once had my entire face waxed. i have a lot of little hairs on my forehead and sideburns.. and this lady insisted that i get my face waxed while i was getting my nails done (thats how they get you) but honestly i never seen my face look so good and clean. haha

    anyways.. maybe for the first time have a pro do it and then you can maintain it at home on your own.
  13. I've had my bikini line waxed for years and it still stings...I just know not to go when I'm PMS'ing...rather just after Aunt Flo is best.

    But as far as facial/brow waxing, I'd go to a professional first and get some advice on how to maintain following her treatment. And, I agree with the others to not have any specific committments just after a facial waxing...

    I had my brows waxed and tinted for the first time ever a few weeks ago. My skin swelled up so dramatically after getting rid of all that brow peach fuzz that I had to wear my sunnies, at night, into the grocery store right afterwards, and my brows didn't hurt but were still swollen for 48 hours or so. Glad I did it on a Friday so I had the weekend to recoup!

    So it was awkward, in the grocery store in sunnies, but I just held my head high like I was a celeb, LMAO.