Switching handbags

  1. how often do you do it? And, what does it depend on (ie, outfit-weather-temp-season-boredom, etc.)?

    I don't really match outfits because about 97% of the time I am wearing jeans with a shirt or blouse. The other 3%, I am wearing a skirt with a shirt or blouse.
  2. I change my purses based on what I am wearing. Sometimes, I end up using the same bag a few times in a row and I feel bad that I hadn't used the others, so I make special note to use one that i hadn't used in while ( or still has the tags on) BTW the avatar is adorable..kinda wierd, the little boy it looks EXACTLY the same as how my brother looked when he was that age.
  3. I change all of the time. Just depends what mood Im in that day.
  4. Usually I switch bags twice a day. I have bags I use for work and bags I use in my free time.
  5. boredom and mood that day..
    for the last week i've been using my mc speedy and i'm enjoying it.
  6. Thanks JAP-that is my youngest-he was around 2 1/2 then-he is 5 1/2 now :smile:

    Kat-twice a day? Yikes-i don't think I could handle that-LOL
  7. Every few days, sometimes everyday depending on if I wear an outfit and I know that a certain bag would match it great.
  8. I usually change once or week or so. It might be more often if the weather is bad or I'm going somewhere different.
  9. boredom mainly ;)
  10. It depends on my mood more than my outfit. And a little on where I am going or what I am doing. But it is definitely more about which bag I feel like using than trying to coordinate with an outfit.
  11. On most days it depends on what I'm wearing. Sometimes if I feel I've neglected a particular bag, then I'll have the outfit match the bag instead.
  12. every few days for me too. i try to match it to my outfit. i also found myself not carrying new bags around the 'rents or the bf so they don't notice that i've gotten yet another new bag... :shame:
  13. I used to change mine daily but now its about every other day b/c of time. Unless the bag just doesn't coordinate with what I'm wearing, the I'll change it regardless of time.

    I change my bag if I'm tired of carrying another one too. Weather doesn't really play a big part in what bag I'll carry.
  14. I change bags depends on the color of my outfit and how careful I want to be with my bags that day. For instance, if I'm just gonna be running errands that day, I would definitely not going to bring my white bags out.

    By the way, Nishi, the lady in the avatar looks so much like Valerie Bertinelli! :lol: She's so pretty!
  15. If it's raining I will go for a zippered closure bag, if it's very sunny I will go for a bright, colorful bag, if I'm walking a lot I will wear a messenger bag, if it's a dressy event I will go for a bag that will get a lot of attention because I always wear black.....I could go on forever with this topic! Seems like I rotate my bags every 2 or 3 days.
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