Switching between bags

  1. Hi ladies,

    I have to admit - I first joined this forum because of the Deals and Steals section.

    As much as I like clothes and shoes, I never really got into having multiple bags, primarily because I carry a lot of stuff with me and dread switching between bags afraid I would forget something important.

    However, looking at all your wonderful collections makes my want to join the fun. So I'm looking for tips and tricks that I'm sure all of you have!

    Thanks in advance for sharing!
  2. Believe me, when I switch bags, I often leave something important behind - but I have about 15 high end bags, I have to force myself to swith reasonably often - If I tried to sell some of the bags I rarely use, I'd get 10 cents on the dollar so I keep them all and treat them with tender loving care. I love all my bags but giving them all equal time is impossible - still, I remain a bag obsessed woman!!!!
  3. I like to change bags frequently, so I have multiple Coach cosmetic cases and wristlets to store my stuff. It makes it so fast and easy to change bags, I just transfer my wallet, cosmetic cases & writlet and I'm done and know that I have everything I need and I won't accidentally leave something behind. Plus, it keeps all my stuff organized!
  4. Two words: Chamelon. Insert.

    Someone here posted about them and I got one out of curiosity. LOVE IT. My mom saw me using one and demanded I order one for her, too.
  5. I never used to switch bags, started out with one bag at the beginning of the season and that was it. Now that I have lots more bags so I switch frequently.

    In the beginning when I would switch, I would forget stuff, specially my ID card for work, but now I can switch quickly and completely. One very good thing that has happened is that all the little pieces of junk--dumb receipts, used kleenex (yuck), etc. gets thrown out at every switch. My bags are now totally clean inside and organized. I have a plastic cosmetic bag that I keep all that stuff in, my sunglasses case, wallet, phone & jawbone, AND the ID card and that's about it. I might look into the chameleon thing too.

    It can be done, believe me, and it is wonderful to tote a different bag around.
  6. I have a purseket & I love it! It makes it so easy to change purses.
  7. I switch often, I try and use accessories that can mix and match so it's easier...but it can be a pain, but worth it when the outfit and purse match so well.
  8. ITA.

    I switch between my many bags quickly by keeping my things organized. Obviously if you have a bunch of loose receipts, pens, coins, makeup, etc, running around in your bag it will be harder to transfer on a daily basis. Keep your things organized in cosmetics cases, pouches, etc and then you can easily drop those inner organizers into a new bag.
  9. Embrace the exciting sub-purse lifestyle!

    Mine is almost total, I have described my sub-purse at length elsewhere, just about everything fits in it but phone and sunglasses, and those I can affix to my person, or even if I throw them in the bag, that is only 3 things to have to move, as opposed to a squillion.

    I have also upgraded from wallet to card-holder, thus achieving a significant reduction in necessary item bulk. All the wallet really ever did was hold cards anyway. All those other things in the wallet that made it so fat, in addition to its inherent space occupation factor, were things that I did not need to carry around at all, like purchase debris, those little bits of paper you have to take whenever you buy so much as a light bulb, or peoples' business cards that needed to be put in that little box where I keep business cards, and I'm going to put them in it, too, the next time I see it, I know it's somewhere.

    Anyway, go through all the things that are in your purse, and see which ones can be consolidated, reduced, or eliminated. If you carry around a DayRunner or something, figure out what you actually write in it when you are out and about with your purse, as opposed to what you plan to write or wish you did. You can probably switch to one of those tiny ones.

    If you carry around makeup beyond lip gloss, make yourself a purse-sized thing by prying out pans of whatever with a little screwdriver and then sticking them into one of those small compact things from the dollar store that have 12 shades of eyeshadow you won't use. Take that eyeshadow out and save it. You can use it to pearlize paint. Then you can use a hot glue gun, or plain old Elmer's to fill up your little compact with little pans of the stuff that you really do need to carry around and really do apply to your face on a regular basis in the course of a day.

    Then apply this same principle to everything else that you have in your bag. How necessary is it really? How many times did you use it today? Yesterday? What smaller item could perform the same function?

    All this may sound like a lot of work, but depending on where you're coming from, if you are one of those people who carries around ten or twenty pounds of stuff, doing this lot of work can really make a difference in how your shoulder feels at the end of the day and the decade, not to mention liberating yourself from the frustration of frantically fumbling through your loaded bag for this or that.

    Once you succeed in paring down your purse contents to a sub-purse-friendly volume and mass, you will thank yourself every time you change purses (which will become a fun process that takes seconds as opposed to a major project that can consume an entire afternoon) - and every time you reach for one of the things that you really do need on a regular basis - and there it is - really and truly at your fingertips!
  10. WOW! You all really have it down to a science. I can definitely learn a lot.

    And what exactly is a Chameleon insert and where can I find one?

    Thank you so much for all your posts!
  11. Here's the Chameleon site. I haven't gotten one yet but probably will eventually. I change my bag every 3 days or so and this would make it easier but I kind of enjoy the switching process.

  12. Actually, I typically buy 1 nice bag a year and use it all the time until I get my next nice bag. It's only in the past year that I started switching bags (because I use a backpack during the weekends so I can be hands-free to chase after my 2 1/2 year old). Using the same bag all the time is convenient but unfortunately, after a year of constant use, my bags start to look shabby.

    Does anyone have a close-up picture of the chameleon insert? I just looked at their website and I had a hard time looking at the pictures.
  13. I switch purses almost everyday now because of my Chameleon! It is the easiest way to stay organized and have everything everytime I switch purses. Just one thing to switch and I'm done! I love it!!
  14. I am so organized....yet unorganized because I don't have a purse insert. I don't carry around much with me, just wallet, makeup pouch, keys, sunnies, cell, gum, pen.....so it all gets dumped out on to the bed, and then stuffed into a new bag at night. Takes me 30 seconds.

  15. Very neat. I can see how it makes the switching process a snap. Does it work in a multi-compartment bag?