Switching BC- anyone on Microgestin???

  1. I have been on BC for years. I was on Yasmin before I went off to get pregnant and loved it. Then, after I had my son, I went back on it after finishing breast feeding (about 2 years ago).

    About 5-6 months ago, I began to have breakthrough bleeding (sometimes 2 periods a month:cursing:). With my ridiculous schedule, I just have not had time to deal with it. I finally got so annoyed that I caved and called my doctor because I was ready to pull my hair out. They are switching me from Yasmin to Microgestin....

    So, are any of you on this, and how have you liked/disliked it? Have any other mothers experienced something like this after returning to birth control pills?

    I only ask because I searched the net on this and got freaked out by some of the negative stories I read regarding Microgestin. I know everyone responds differently to birth control, but still, I would love to hear anyone else's experiences with this pill.

    Thank you!!!!!:flowers:
  2. My doctor suggested me to use this too...i've been on depo and she thought this would be a nice change. Dont believe all the internet horror stories, there have been so many horror stories around depo and honestly the worst thing that's ever happened to me while i've been on it was migraines after i stopped. Sorry i'm not much help..haha.
  3. Thank you azhangie! I appreciate your post!!!! And you are right- it's easy to freak out when you read stuff on line- I know I just need to chill. :p
  4. I've been on Microgestin for years and no complaints at all. Very happy with it. :tup:
  5. God, I was on Microgestin for a month and bled for 25 days out of 30. I'm getting an IUD put in this week.
  6. Wow sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Microgestin Tammy. Are you having Mirena put in? Let us know how it goes, I have been curious about this myself!
  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with me Tammy!!! Keep us posted on the IUD, I am always interested to hear how those work out! I hope everything gets better quickly for you!