Switched from Mineral to Liquid Foundation?

  1. I have been using BareMinerals for almost five years now (ever since mineral makeup became popular), and the main reasons why I stuck with it for so long are because the color blends well with my skintone (before that I had a really hard time finding the right color) and because it does not make my skin seem flaky, which some other foundations did.

    Now five years is a rather long time, and I am sure technology has managed to make some drastic improvements to liquid/creme foundation since I last tried it; so I am now curious if maybe I should give liquid foundation a try again (maybe there is something out there now that is better than BareMinerals?).

    Have any of you ladies used mineral makeup for a while and switched back to liquid/creme foundation? If so, what did you switch to and why? I would love to hear some recommendations. Thanks!!
  2. I've been using mineral makeup for over 10 years! Well, for my wedding day I was told by a makeup artist to NOT use MMU, as it creates a white cast in photos, so I used Cargo liquid foundation for the day. My skin looked great in person and in photos, but I absolutely could not wait to wash that off! My skin felt like it couldn't breathe or stuffy or something. Since that experience, I've stuck with mineral makeup.
  3. i used to use bare minerals, but switched to a tinted moisturizer. i don't need a lot of coverage, and it matches my skin tone better than foundations. i'm pale and freckly so it's pretty hard to find something that looks good. right now i'm using bobbi brown's tinted moisturizer in the extra light shade, and i really like it.
  4. I was actually going to switch from BareEscentuals to a tinted moisturizer because BE recently started looking rather cakey on me, and I don't really need a lot of coverage. However, none of the tinted moisturizers I wanted to try matched my skintone (I'm very fair) so the associate at Sephora convinced me to stick with BE and try a different moisturizer and use a primer. The problem did pretty much go away, but I'm still rather paranoid that it's going to return so I'm keeping on the lookout for a good tinted moisturizer. I've even considered going back to liquid foundation but they take more time to apply than powder/minerals.

    I'll have to try the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer and see if it looks ok on me.
  5. A tinted moisturizer is great!
    Perhaps there somepeople it works for, but I have not found one person who actually looks good in Mineral makeup.
    I have 2 celeb makeup artist friends and we've had long discussions about it and they really recommend someone see themself in natural light and then they would never use mineral makeup again.
  6. I switched after Bare Minerals destroyed my skin. I think they reformulated or something but my pores were just getting so enlarged. I still haven't found a liquid that I like but I will be trying Chanel's Vitalumiere this week.

    Let us know what liquid foundations you try and if any of them work. ;)
  7. I go back and forth between Bare Minerals and a tinted moisturizer. During the winter, when skin is drier, I might even use a "real" foundation.

    Some faves:

    Aveda Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15
    Stila Sheer Foundation (NOT oil-free) "Be Illuminated"
  8. Do you think so? I am experiencing same and thought it was maybe just my skin changing as I am getting older and more stressed out with work (less sleep, bad diet, etc.).

    I also feel that it has been getting cakey, and I have not been impressed with how it looks under natural light. I think I will go check out some tinted moisturizers (as it is winter, and my dry skin can use all the extra moisture it can get), and I've heard good things about Armani makeup on this forum, so I suppose I can check that too.
  9. I used mineral makeup for 10-11 years, back when all I found was a brand called Colorescience. (it's great stuff!) But once I hit about age 48, my skin was too dry to use it any longer. I have switched to Cover Girl Advanced Radiance and I love it! There are a lot of great liquid and cream foundations out now, from budget to $$$.
  10. did switching help, or is your skin permanently damaged? I've noticed the same thing happening to me lately, so I've stopped using Bare Minerals, but I'm hoping it'll get better :sad:
  11. Okie so I stepped into a Sephora today and went through most (if not all) of the tinted moisturizers in there, but unfortunately none of them seemed to work for me (they were too sheer, and I needed something that would cover my breakout scars). I'm going to stop by Saks sometime during the week to check out the liquid foundations there.
  12. I just stopped using BE and started using other foundations. I'm very fair, so it's extremely difficult to find a perfect match for me. I tried Chanel Teint Naturel (in compact) and it's PERFECT except for the color match - it's too yellow! If you've never tried it, the consistency is silky soft, glides on dreamy and looks flawless! Since I wasn't happy with the color (took me over two months and half a compact to realize that), I decided to start searching again. So, I tired Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (works nicely!) and Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup (perfect color match! YAY!). I've only worn the Clinique one once but I'm happy with it so far!

    I stopped using BE because my skin became VERY dry and sensitive. It also became very itchy. Oh, and the pores became huge! This stuff is NO good! I do love their POOF lip gloss though. Yum!
  13. I used to use Bare Minerals but started to feel that I wasn't getting the coverage I wanted. I switched to MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation and I love it. For me, it provides a better coverage but does not have that 'cakey' feeling. I usually switch between the MAC Studio Fix liquid and Studio Fix Powder

    I think the most important things for liquid foundation are: priming your face before hand, using the right brush and using the proper amount of foundation (not too much, dont overdo it)

    hope this helps!
  14. I go back and forth, whatever I'm in the mood for.
  15. My salon has started selling Jane Iredale, it is supposed to be a mineral makeup and good for sensitive skin- apparantly it can be used after peels and laser treatments without harm. Maybe that is an alternative?