Switch Summit Drive for Vernis Alma MM

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Which bag should I choose?

  1. Keep the amarante Summit Drive

  2. Switch to amarante Vernis Alma MM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello dear TPFers! :biggrin: I hope you are all fine today !!! I'm posting this thread to ask you all for your honest opinion! I told a very dear friend of mine that I would give her my amarante summit drive ( barely used, new! ) and in return she will buy me a Vernis Amarante Alma MM ! She loves the summit drive and I think the Alma is a perfect bag! no vachetta - alma is al LV iconic bag - and I don't own a vachetta-free bag yet! so what do you all think??? considering that the summit drive is a more expensive bag!!! thank u alllll :balloon:
  2. If it will make you happy, go for it!
  3. I say make the switch for the Alma since you have barely used your Summit Drive. I'd go for something you'll get use out of.
  4. Alma
  5. I'm so sad I missed out on getting a Summit Drive. I've always LOVED that bag! Keep it and get an Alma in another color.
  6. almaaaaaaaa!!!
  7. Even if your Summit Drive is still new/unused, you wouldn't be able to sell that now for the same price as a brand new Alma MM or even higher so what you're getting is a very good deal! I'd say switch!
  8. Keep the Summit Drive. I think it is discontinued now... I would wait and get the Alma later, that way you have both!!
  9. If you are not using it, then switching is a good idea.

    For me, I had the summit and sold it to downsize my collection and now current have the vernis alma in MM and PM. Tinge of regret though. I love the look of the summit and would consider getting it back if I can get it at a good condition. :smile:
  10. I say go for it! Alma is a wonderful purse.
  11. Thank u everyone for ur advise!! i will let u know soon and post some picsss :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  12. I say switch as well (:*
  13. I love the look of the summit drive, but if you are not using it, then go for the trade.
  14. I personally have a very hard time letting go something. So if possible, I would keep the summit drive, and buy my own alma. But if it's not possible (or would take a long time), then go for the switch since it sounds like you would use the alma more.
  15. Go for the Alma MM