Swirl Detail ..

  1. Wow! I've never seen these styles in the US--how many BV's are we missing out on??? The detail is amazing--are you thinking of getting one?
  2. Love the detail work on those bags!
  3. Those bags are super! The swirl makes such a statement, while being understated. Price makes me weep though...
  4. [​IMG]

    :nuts: That's just gorgeous! The "swirl: design is similar to the ones that BV used on their Knot bags for Spring/Summer...


    But wow. Having swirls and the woven detailing as a combination is sooo lovely! :love:

    P/s I would be an extremely happy girl if someone's feeling generous enough to buy me the Knot bag in the pic!! :p
  5. Moonlight- I love the BV plaited bags, like Kat said, love the detail work! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures:drool:
  6. I love that clutch. I would love to have one of BV's structured clutch bags. *sigh*
  7. Thanks All ... ! I was just surfing around and found these bags that I never saw before and just wanted to share it with you...

    Boxermum, nope, I'm not getting one, I've already bought 3 new bags this month (one is a violet BV) ... I just enjoyed wearing one of them :sad: .... I need to have my 1st outing with each new bag a special one .. it adds value to the outing which I always remember when I wear that specific bag.. ;)
  8. ^^^^I love that idea--a special outing with each new bag to have a great memory. Genius!! I LOVE the violet BV's. Superb taste, Moonlight!

  9. :blush: :blush::blush:

    Thanks.. ! it just one way of showing others how precious my new bag is to me !