Swings with silver hardware?

  1. Hi Minkettes!

    I've recently acquired a taupe swing with gold hardware and now (of course) I have to get one with silver hardware too... It's really hard for me to tell online which colors have silver hardware. So far I see the cement quilted, cobalt blue and some black swings have silver hw.

    Any other swings with silver?

    Also which swings come with the extra tassel clip thingy? Was that just for the first season?

    Thank you so much for any insight!

  2. Am I the only Swing-er here? Lol
  3. I don't own any swings, but teal swing from this year's summer / spring collection has silver hardware too.
    I have no clue in tassels. Hope someone with more knowledge chime in.
  4. lol

    i have two sings, one is black and has gold hardware and a tassel, one is white/cream with silver hardware with no tassel

    not sure about other ones aside from teal having silver hardware
  5. Thank you BlackCat777 and LVSweetness for responding! I've seen the teal and it's beautiful. I guess silver hardware isn't that common yet. The tassel inclusion/exclusion will remain a mystery, but I'll keep stalking the Web for more info. I hope she does gunmetal hardware someday! :graucho:

    Thank you!
  6. There is a Red w/silver HW on sale @ Zappos. http://www.zappos.com/product/7815094/color/604

    As far as the tassel question I am not sure. I have a black Quilted Circle Swing that has the tassel but I don't see them any longer. Maybe it was just for the first season production?
  7. Thank, Doll! I love Zappos! I am waiting for my cement quilted with silver hardware right now... Hehehhhh!

    I wonder if there would be enough interest for a black quilted with gun metal, silver or black hardware special order... Hmmmm
  8. Might be a few silver HW ones over at Endless.
  9. There is a pale grey with silver hw as well and it is a great color combo!