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  1. other than coach. what other brands make swingpack type of bags? my mom wants that style of purse and i was thinking about buying one for her for christmas :smile: thanks!!!
  2. out of curiosity, why not coach? if it ain't broke....
  3. dooney
  4. i think kors too
  5. How big of a swingpack are you looking for?
  6. opps double posted
  7. i just wanted to see if there were any other designs or colors from another designer that i liked better. plus my mom didnt love any of the coach swingpacks.

    my mom wants something the size of the coach swingpack. nothing too heavy.

    thanks for your help everyone :smile:
  8. I used to have a prada messenger style similar to a swing pack but slightly larger. It was superlightweight. Kind of wish I hadn't sold it now.
  9. Prada...
  10. dooney and bourke is the only other one that makes swing packs i can think of but they call it the letter carrier but as for your mother not liking coach swing packs i can actually relate to her b/c i have the classic hamptons signature swing pack and in the last year they have remade the swingpacks and they seem a tad "fake looking " to me the only swing pack i like now is the legacy leather one by coach other than that i am not a fan of coaches swing packs either
  11. People might hate me for saying this, but Vera Bradley makes a nice swingpack style bag called a Hipster. They can hold quite a bit, but are lightweight and actually quite nice. I used to have one and it was one of my favorites.
  12. Louis Vuitton also makes a swingpack-like bag, called the Musette (which comes in three sizes: Musette, Musette Tango, Musette Salsa). I think the Musette Salsa is probably the closest in size and shape to the Coach swingpack. The Musette is the largest of all of them--I think it could probably carry A4 documents (larger than 8''x11'').

    Musette Salsa in LV monogram canvas:

    Musette Tango in Damier Canvas:
  13. Tignanello also makes a swingpack-like bag. Last month I got a Tignanello for my mother as a birthday present. She likes it very much. Maybe your mom will like it, too, you can try