Swingpacks.. Pros and Cons...

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  1. I have never really seemed to be much of a swingpack king of person but lately there have been certain ones that jump out at me. Those of you that are devoted to swingpacks, what are the pros :graucho:? Those of you that dislike swingpacks, what are the cons :confused1:? What is the average that a swingpack runs for in the outlets? Would it be worth me driving 3-4 hours one way to branson or should I just by in store or online? Thanks for the help ahead of time, I dont know what I would do without you guys! :wlae:
  2. I've seen them at the outlets for around $50-$60 on sale. I don't think its worth driving 3 - 4 hours for it though. That's a lot of gas and gas isn't cheap. I think you really should try looking on eBay....you could probably find a good deal on there. As for pros and cons...I don't own one but I think a pro would be that you wouldn't have to worry about stuff being stolen out of it since its right by your side the whole time. A con? Well if you like to carry a lot of stuff with you, the swingpack most likely won't fit all the stuff a regular sized purse would. Then you would need a duffle that has the adjustable strap so you could wear it across your body. Well goodluck in your search for a swingpack and def. check eBay!!!
  3. I find the swingpacks to be a little too small for me. I ended up with the signature stripe crossbody. fabulous! holds my 10 cc wallet + camera + cell phone and more. And it's just a smidge bigger than the swingpack.

    Also, some of the swingpacks are a little too casual looking for my taste. The crossbody in the black with the gunmetal stripe is a little dressier looking imo.
  4. I don't have one, but my boyfriend's mom does. She uses it when we go to places like Cedar Point. I know she can fit her wallet in there (it's one of the bigger, checkbook ones). I think she also squeezes some lip balm, mini hairbrush, basic essentials like that in hers.
  5. I love my punch sig stripe swingpack! I don't use it all the time, but it's become my errr ummm, "aunt flo's coming to visit" bag for work because I can stuff it full with "necessities" and still put my mini skinny in an outside pocket.

    They're great for trips where you'll be doing a lot of walking but not want to carry your life with you. The only con I can think of is the size for general daily use.
  6. I love my swingpacks for when I need to be handsfree. I use it for things like Disneyland or the fair, even all day shopping trips. I can fit a small wallet, cell phone, camera, sunnies and lip balm. It is a definite must have bag for me.
  7. I love my swing pack for running errands and for being hands free. I usually carry my wallet, phone and keys when I use it. No real negative side to swingpacks, but they may not be best for all situations (sometimes you just need to carry more stuff).

    I have attached a picture of my swingpack and the wallet I use with it. As you can see, the wallet is small but a bit bulky and it fits nicely. My phone and key ring are rather bulky too.

    Edit: forgot to add...Outlets are great for swingpacks. I always see them there and they are almost always around $80. That's how much mine was.
    SwingPack1bPF.JPG wallet2PF.JPG
  8. The swingpacks are great for occasions where you need to be handsfree, but are way too small for everyday use. I can't carry my signature french wallet in it without the swingpack losing its shape and bulging out (which always looks bad to me).
  9. I think they're great when you need to travel light. For instance, we went to an outdoor concert on Friday and they check your bag before you walk into the venue. They didn't even bother to look in mine because it was so small and flat, there's no way I could have had a bottle or food in it. Once in the concert, I didn't have to worry about where I would place my bag since I wouldn't dare think of placing my fine Coach on the floor!

    Still I am a large bag gal so I can't carry my normal stuff.
  10. I have a swingpack and I really only use it for football games/going to vegas/street fairs/disney world that sort of thing. I am very very tall so I put a trigger snap keyfob on the end of mine to make it longer, and I am rather um 'busty' and I don't love how it looks across my chest, but oh well.

    It holds enough, it doesn't hold a ton, but I can fit a writstlet, a mini skinny, my cell phone and a lipgloss and compact. that's about it. I originally bought it to bring to vegas so I didn't have to worry about getting my purse stolen, so while I'm sitting at the blackjack table, I keep it across my body and stick it in my lap, works great, but I would never use it as an everyday bag

    sorry this was long, hope it helps
  11. For typical day I like a big bag but there are times that my swingpack is indispensible :smile: Seriously they are great for the beach, walking on the boardwalk, museums, parks, anyplace you need cash, a credit card, ID, cellphone etc. not EVERYTHING you normally carry. It is nice to have something lightweight and handsfree. One of my friends uses it as her everyday bag to hold wallet, phone, lipstick and then has a small diaper bag for her kids. For a reasonably priced item, even at Coach online, it is a good thing to have in your collection.

  12. Oh I know what you are saying, I hate the bulging swingpack look!
  13. ^^^
    I totally agree with Kimmi's list of pros. My own experience, however, is I have difficult paring down everything I want/need to carry in a swingpack. I guess I'm just a big bag kind of girl. My signature swingpack is sitting in a drawer collecting dust.:sad: I really need to find a better home for her.

    Oh, yeah, the only way I found I could fit my money and credit card was in a mini-skinny. So everything else stays home. Good for a night out, I guess.
  14. Im thinking that I might just go buy one in the store, it is for my best friend who is turning 18, she doesnt carry much but she is big chested, d or song. She has another swingpack (not coach) and loves it. In fact, when I get my next paycheck I think I might go get one too! They seem very practical as far as purses go.
  15. I love my swingpack!:tup: It's especially great for the summer when we are walking on the boardwalk a lot, going to farm markets and fairs where I want to have something on me, but not a whole big purse.

    I use a mini skinny in it instead of a wallet to hold credit cards and a little cash. I also carry lipgloss, tic tacs and my keys and it all fits great ~ no bulges!:yes: