Swingpack worn on the waist?

  1. I'm going to vacation and not a "fanny pack" type person.

    Has anyone worn their swingpack on the waist to the side on your beltloop to give the illusion that it's being worn messenger?

    Thoughts or experiences?
  2. Yep! I've done that. One of the SA's at the NYC boutique was wearing one that way when I was there last summer. Even at it's smallest size, it does hang a bit (I'm a size 4) but isn't that what hips are for? LOL! It looks REALLY cute off the waist. Try it and let me know what you think.

    I did it with the Legacy Swingpack that came out last summer so maybe some swingpacks have straps that go smaller. If not, just let it hang off to the side a bit.
  3. I tried mine on both ways and I like it across the waist. Now I need to lose a bit more weight and I will feel much more comfortable with it on the waist.
  4. Interesting suggestion...I may have to try this out on the waist. Thanks!:tup:
  5. Have done this several times with mine :tup:
  6. yep - but definitely loop it through a belt loop before re-connecting if you have one...extra security.

    I do this at disney all the time

  7. The leather strap pad is preventing me from making the strap smaller. Have you been able to wiggle that off without damaging it?