Swingpack Question

  1. I recently bought a swingpack for my trip to Disney World. Now I am a big girl and so when I received it, I put it on and it wasn't really long on me. The purse part came to like right under my breast. It wasn't uncomfortable but it looked kinda funny! So I returned it because I didn't think I would use it. But now I am rethinking that decision because I don't know what to carry now on my trip. So I guess my questions are a) Would I look stupid wearing it like that?
    b) If I didn't get another one, what could I carry that would be easy to carry around that I wouldn't have to use my hands for?

    And my other question is how much do the swingpacks hold? I'm looking to probably carry my mini skinny with money and stuff, my camera, and cell phone. Will that all fit? TIA!
  2. *hugs* it must have been disappointing to have to return something that you've been looking forward to but just didn't work out..

    i wouldn't say that you would look stupid carrying it like that, however, did you try carrying it on your shoulder like you would carry a small handbag/pouch? I would think that might work out fine(though I don't own any swingpack)

    Alternatively, you could get a wristlet and put the strap through your belt so it hangs from it, that way your hands will be free, I've done it a couple of times. It probably can't contain everything that you've mentioned though. opps, sorry if i wasn't much of a help!
  3. I am not sure if some are more adjustable than others. :confused1: Also, when I bought one for my mom the SA had it around her waist, it was really cool and hung just on your side, like a belt.. that may work! Good luck, and have fun on your trip!!! :tup:
  4. Honestly, yes, that'd look funny. Swingpacks generally should rest on the hip or waist... But like heavenlyn said, maybe you can carry it on your shoulder? Otherwise I don't know what you could carry because I'm not familiar with ALL the different bag styles...
  5. ohh i like that idea of wearing it like a belt.
  6. Have you considered maybe getting an Ergo crossbody bag? They're really beautiful and hold more items. That might be an alternative to the swingpack if it isn't working for you. I hope you find what you're looking for!
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions! I bought my Mom an Ergo Crossbody and I don't think that would fit over me either. And yes, the swingpack would work just on my shoulder but I would prefer to have something I don't have to worry about. Having it on my shoulder i'd probably constantly have to keep fixing it or fidgeting with it as I usually do! I think I will just have my fiance carry everything or buy a small backpack down there to use. I'll figure something out! But thanks again for all your help!
  8. well coach does make bags that you can attach around your waist but i wld def check out the ergo totes or honestly signature stripe tote cld be a solution i went to an amusement park with my family and honestly was surprised at the thought of actually all i carried along with me .... enjoy your trip
  9. I don't think this is a very popular item but I bought a bigger swingpack last year. At first I thought it was weird and too big but I found that if I positioned it a different way I loved it. It also hangs much longer than my smaller swingpack. I bought it off of eBay and I'm unsure about what colours there are. Maybe you could look into the crossbody swing, the tiny one with a half circle body?
    Similar to this one, but mine is a khaki/yellow scribble with two pockets.
  10. first, have a great time in Disney! love it there! i m only 4"7 so i reallllly had to adjust my swinpack, including moving around the leather shoulder thing. did u adjust the strap all the way down? also, i noticed online the strap lengths on the different models very from 42 inches to 47 inches, maybe u shoudl try a longer one. Dooney, Gucci, michael kors and other makes have v similar bags. maybe their straps are longer
  11. I actually had the same problem with mine, not that it didn't fit, it just hung too high and looked kinda weird....plus i hate wearing things across body anyway.
    I didn't want to return mine since it would be a big hassel- too much of an inconvenience, and plus i loved the patchwork! so I just shortened the strap as much as it would go, and carried it under one arm, which i really liked better.
    I think you could fit all that in there, in mine i can fit a soho wristlet(it's long and i have to move around the strap) cell phone, digital camera, and a pen or so.....
    the only thing i don't like about it is that you have to take everything out to put some thing back in.. like i used my wristlet as my wallet, and because it was so long, to put it back in i had to take everything out. probabley wouldn't have if i used a mini skinny.
    the bigger swing packs seem like a good idea, or maybe one of thos hamptons weekend demis ? on eBay you could find one, they're small enough to not be irritating to carry if you couldn't get it on your shoulder, but big enough to hold everything plus! good luck!
  12. I'm all for the wristlet idea, but I also see where a swingback would be nice as well. When I go to amusement parks, I want as little on me as possible. Good luck in finding something - or have your fiance carry your stuff - that's what I do!
  13. yeah, when we have gone we usually take a backpack because that way we can put in some lunch or snacks as well as some bottled water... we don't want it to get too heavy but also like to take our own stuff! Hubby usually wears it or we rotate, sometimes we just put the backpack in the locker and take a water or two.. have fun on your trip!!! :yes:
  14. I bought this exact bag off eBay two weeks ago and used it down at Disney World last week. The strap on this one IS longer. Usually I can make the straps on swing packs short enough for me to use them around my waist, but the strap on this one was MUCH longer than other swing packs I own.

    for reference...this is the Hamptons swing pack from 2005 (2006?) and the style number on this one was 6573