SwingPack question?

  1. OK, how much actually fits into the swingpacks without over stuffing? Alot of women come into my job shopping with them and they look SO cute. I love the crossbody strap.
    I really don't carry BIG bags...only carry like my cell, keys, wallet, checkbook, mints and lipgloss basicly.
  2. it will fit all of those things you mentioned

    they're long, they're just so narrow, so you can't fit a big thick wallet in there, but for little stuff and thin stuff (the checkbook), it's just fine
  3. Thanks!!;)
  4. Use a mini-skinny as your "wallet", throw in your checkbook if needed, a lipgloss, cell, and keys and you are good to go! :yes:
  5. Great idea-Thanks!
  6. when i went to Disney i fit my camera, my small vera wallet, and my bf's wallet and his and mine's cell phone but we have the slvr and the razr so but it does hold alot

  7. That's what I do....minus the checkbook....I haven't used one in ages!!
  8. I'm use to using big bags so when I use my swingpack (for trips) I downsize everything. I put in one minni skinny, lipgloss, compact, gum, keys, bandaids, sunglasses (smaller ones not the big bulky ones), tickets, etc. It holds a lot. I just hate it when I see people over stuff them. I feel bad for the bag because it's not being taken care of. LOL
  9. When on vacation I regularly had with me: Mini Skinny with $$ and three cards. Canon digital camera (one of the Elphs). Lip balm and lip gloss, foldable brush from Sephora (has mirror) Tide to Go pen and Benedryl pen (for those itchy moments from mosquito bites, LOL).

    I hate when they are too poofed out. Looks just wrong to me.
  10. Mine holds my wallet phone and keys that is it! I used it the other night to have more room and used a skinny mini as my wallet.