swingpack please!!!

  1. Hello!

    I am seriously considering ordering the pink heritage stripe swingpack off of the website. If anyone has this bag can you post pics? I would like to see the inside and the back too. Or even better I would love some modeling pics, of any swingpack really cause they are all the same size. Thanks in advance?

    Oh and do you guys like your swingpacks? Do you think they are too small? Can you fit a decent amount in them?
  2. I don't have the one you are talking about, but I have another one. I was never a swingpack lover, but I have been converted to the dark side. I think its so convenient for shopping. You have your arms free to grab all kinds of purses without your current purse in the way. I can't fit a whole lot in it, but I use my wristlet as my wallet anyways so it works out for me. All I put in there is my keys, cellphone and wristlet because thats all I really need.
  3. I have never had a swingpack but have thought about getting one for Disneyland and certain trips and places. I am definitely eyeing the pink heritage one because not only is it darling but it would be so easy to wipe clean, which will be perfect! I hope someone has some pics!!! :tup:
  4. ohh ive been thinking of switching over to the dark side as well. they just seem so practical, and the prices on them are great
  5. does anyone have pics?
  6. i've been thinking about adding one to my collection too...i hope someone has some pics
  7. i think admat97 has the swingpack
    that u want..and she has pic of her posing
    with it.very cute swingpack!
  8. I don't have the swingpack that you are talking about, but I do have one. I love it! Anytime I go shopping (when I plan on really shopping), I take it. It holds my wristlet, cell phone, lip gloss etc. and my hands are completely free to hold or carry bags from shopping without having to worry about my purse strap coming off my shoulder. I really love the heritage one! :heart:
  9. I have a different swingpack also and I LOVE IT TO DEATH!! I carry an epi-pen (Allergy shot), lip gloss, lipstick, mini skinny, keys, cell phone, and an access key for my work. Fits all the basics perfectly and it is insanely handy! GO for it! I am thinking about getting the Heritage stripe pink one too!